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15 Pics That Prove Brilliant Art Can Transform Our Reality

Art is the ideal way to express our identity and externalize what’s going on inside our heads. And some people believe that their own bodies and faces are the perfect canvas to display art. Whether it is permanent like tattoos, or temporary like makeup, having art on ’’us’’ will boost our confidence and make us feel better in our own skin. A study has even found that getting lots of tattoos might be good for our health by making our immune system stronger.

Bright Side believes that art can heal our scars, whether they are emotional or physical. We want to share some people who astonished us with their marvelous tattoos and makeup skills.

1. The tattoo artist nailed this!

2. ’’My dad passed away. Today is his birthday. And he always wanted us to get matching tattoos.’’

3. ’’Me as a galactic goddess’’

4. ’’I covered some 3rd degree burn scars with a fire dragon.’’

5. ’’Cello tattoo that incorporates a 30-year-old scar’’

6. ’’I covered my 11-year-old tattoo from my hippie phase.’’

7. ’’I turned my leg bruise into eye-makeup inspo.’’

8. ’’My dog running across my scar’’

9. ’’My Mother Nature tattoo to cover up some old scars’’

10. ’’I was listening to the Mulan soundtrack and got inspired!’’

11. ’’Zipper pull on my scar’’

12. ’’I got my ex’s name covered up, and I feel beautiful again.’’

13. ’’I always hated my birthmark, so I figured I’d make some art around it!’’

14. ’’I kind of did my own thing.’’

15. ’’My nephew finally had his burn scars covered with a tattoo!’’

Do you have a tattoo yourself? Is there a deep meaning or story behind it?

Preview photo credit Eric Catalano / Facebook
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