15+ Tricky Illusions That Can Take You More Time to Crack Than You Ever Expected

A cat that suddenly turned into a cloud-like creature, an evil face left on the sand as a footprint or a dragonfly that has a smiling face. All of these are just a few examples of accidental illusions that people captured on the go, and they could even make David Copperfield a bit jealous.

Here at Bright Side, we love to rack our brains sometimes, especially when we see some things that make us question our own eyesight. We have collected 18 examples of optical illusions that may make you want to do a double-take too.

1. “This dragonfly looks like it has a smiling face.”

2. “The way this recliner is made of bricks makes it look like it’s comfy to sit on.”

3. “Buried a friend knee-deep in sand. When he stepped out, the sand cracked, and made this.”

4. “This eggplant looks like an evil tomato.”

5. “The way water beads up on my car makes it look like it’s lined with hundreds of little stones.”

6. “This cloud shaped like a great white shark”

7. “I saw this face on an iceberg in Antarctica. Thought it was ’pretty cool.’”

8. “Hexagon-shaped puddle of oil in my frying pan”

9. “This little squirt of lotion looks like a tiny cat.”

10. “The shape of the flock of birds kind of looks like a bird in flight.”

11. “The vines growing near my front door changed to the color of the door itself.”

12. “Stumbled upon this doing yard work. At first I thought it was a painting.”

13. “My husband thought I was eating a raw egg. It’s actually an apricot floating in light syrup.”

14. “Thought it was an awesome paint job. Was disappointed when I noticed it was only a shadow.”

15. “My sparkly shoes blend in with the sand.”

16. “My friend’s dog had a puppy and the puppy blends in with the mommy dog.”

17. “The moth on my girlfriend’s car looks like a barn owl.”

18. “Took a pic of the cat looking out the window and accidentally turned him into some sort of god.”

What is something that you have seen on the internet or in real life that made you rub your eyes and look twice?

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