16 Photos That Prove Life Is Full of Irony

We all know that buttered bread always lands butter-side down, that a courier often delivers the box to a different address, and that a cat prefers a paper bag over an expensive cat bed.

At Bright Side, we put together photos that prove life is a very ironic thing, so a sense of humor is very much required. We believe that after reading this article, you’ll be able to look at everyday problems from a positive point of view.

“My chips fell off my desk in the worst way possible.”

“I gave my girlfriend roses. She showed me the life hack where you have to stick a rose into a potato, and it grows. I decided that I’d make a flower garden for her.”

“The stem has dried, so now I’m the proud owner of a potato bush. It still makes me laugh.”

“One shoe fell apart on my way to work, and after I fixed it with a rubber band, I tempted faith by walking home from work and this happened.”

“The restaurant I ordered vegetable fried rice from forgot to add the rice to my food.”

“My new laptop was delivered! But that’s not my house...”

“The delivery service sent me this as a delivery confirmation photo.”

“I sunk my 4-wheeler while looking for my phone that also sunk.”

“I’d been thinking about burritos all day. I came home from work and microwaved my last one. It was completely hollow.”

“I put the fries in the oven. Turns out the cutting board was stuck under the pan and has now melted. I take the fries out, clean the oven. I put back the fries.”

“Well... the other cutting board was also stuck under there.”

“I think my attempt at growing tomatoes turned out rather well.”

“In Arizona, it’s illegal to cut down a saguaro cactus. Last night, this precious 15-foot piece of protected wildlife destroyed my roof.”

“My husband and I hiked 2.5 miles to what we thought would have been the roaring waterfalls we saw on our honeymoon 10 years ago.”

“I lost my phone in the woods, then found it. But a car found it first.”

“I spent $60 on a cat hammock and a free paper bag was the only way to get her to lay in it.”

“I asked for extra pickles on my Big Mac.”

“My dog took the squeaker out of her toy. It says, ’Game over. Your dog won.’”

Have you ever experienced something like this? Tell us about similar situations that happened to you in the comments below.

Preview photo credit starsailor40 / Reddit
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