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17 People Who Decided to Refresh Their Relationships, and It Was Unforgettable

Psychologists say that the main keys to a strong relationship are constant support, personal boundaries, respect, and a mature approach. We won’t argue with this as these things are really important. But there’s one more thing that ought to be included in this list: humor. We’re sure that jokes and pranks make a relationship between 2 partners even stronger.

Bright Side proves once again that our beloved partners are our best friends and the best pranksters ever.

“My wife found a hair tie and left me a note.”

“Photos I take of my boyfriend vs photos he takes of me”

“It was too light inside the room, but my husband found the solution.”

“My girlfriend dressed up as me for my birthday party.”

A creative approach makes married life even funnier.

“I heard a scream and ’I hate you!’ from the bathroom.”

“My girlfriend needs this bra for tonight but the dryer is broken.”

When your wife asks you where you are:

“This is how my husband plays with our baby daughter.”

When you don’t want to carve pumpkins:

When you realize there are certain places at home she can’t reach:

When you ask him to put pillowcases on the pillows:

Marriage is all about sharing.

My girlfriend asked me, “Why is this blasted vacuum cleaner broken again?”

“At least I know that my boyfriend took a shower.”

“I found out where my wife hides her dirty secrets.”

“My girlfriend tried to entice me to get out of bed. I’m ashamed to say it worked.”

Bonus: “I was worried that I’d become ’round’ when I was pregnant, but my husband found a way to console me.”

Do you usually prank each other? Do you believe jokes make our relationships stronger?

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