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17 Pictures That Were Captured at a Very Rare Moment

If you thought that surfing in winter wasn’t possible, you’re wrong. Yes, it’s a rare thing, but people manage to do it. It’s good that people invented the camera to take wonderful, exceptional photos at the right moment so that you can also be a part of rare things.

We at Bright Side always try to make your day less routine and are sharing some pics that can make it more amusing.

1. “Just a Yooper surfing Lake Superior in December...”

2. “A bird catching a French fry”

3. A flower girl got tired of this wedding.

4. “A good boy pixelated by the glass”

5. “A state police senior trooper, Cepelnik, managed to rescue these black bears.”

6. “The moment this jogger realized he stumbled into my friends’ engagement photo”

7. “A cat with sun in its eye”

8. Windshield frog

9. “A kid was caught on camera at the perfect moment while jumping into the pool.”

10. “A can of green beans sealed into a larger can of green beans — how does this even happen?”

11. “My co-worker’s cat”

12. “This colony of moss growing inside a bike seat”

13. “This happened in Istanbul.”

14. “They’ll never find me here.”

15. “Putting out a fire while practicing for the next ballet”

16. “A sleeping seal in San Francisco”

17. “Long cat neck”

Which picture did you like the most? How often do you notice things that are exceptional in any way?

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