17 Workers Who Definitely Shouldn’t Wait for a Quarterly Bonus

We all can sometimes cheat at work for different reasons. But today’s characters came across people who have definitely crossed the line and left behind results of their work that made the whole Internet laugh.

The Bright Side team apologizes for our rare mistakes and wants you to look at those who are better off turning themselves in.

“I took this pic at my friends’ house. They recently had some general pipes replaced and the result is ’impressive...’”

“We asked our contractors to make a room and install a door. They did it.”

“My friend sent me a photo of how the water pipe was installed in one of the houses in his city. They are true ’experts.’”

No comment...

“My wife was offered free tickets to the philharmonic. We like art, so we went there. Here is my seat...”

“Will that do or shall I fix that?”

“I hired a builder to put tiles and left him for some time. When I saw the results, I was shocked.”

Hydro isolation, level 99

“Made that $15 salad, boss.”

“So am I supposed to climb the gas pipe?”

“I fixed the handle, boss.”

“Our client said the tablet stopped charging. We were ROFLing in the service room for a long time.”

“They painted a bus stop in our neighborhood. They should’ve just left it the way it was.”

“Discovered bloating on the wall that wasn’t there before. Removed a part of the wallpaper and found this surprise from the developer.”

“Of course, I instantly thought that my neighbors were to blame. But it wasn’t them. It seems workers forgot to remove a part of plywood when making the walls. Then the house shrank and this piece stuck out. It’s sitting still in the wall — I can neither knock it in nor take it out. I think I will hang a painting or something on it.”

“The elevator button was changed! It works! I couldn’t pass by this masterpiece of our block’s repair.”

A wonderful view from the balcony

“I have no clue how this even happened.”

What examples of such work have you seen?

Preview photo credit Zaku4 / Pikabu
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