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18 Illustrations About Everyday Problems That Belong in the Past

It’s often said that the past was better, but despite how happy those memories are, we have to admit that there were still inconveniences back in the day. There are many situations that would’ve been a hassle but that are very easy today thanks to technology and new devices. Do you remember what it was like to order a taxi over the phone? Or what it felt like to have your own CD collection so you could listen to music?

Bright Side wants to invite you on a trip down memory lane to recall everyday situations that you might have already forgotten about. Let’s take a look together.

1. Waiting in line to speak on the phone

2. Renting movies in a video store

3. Waiting for the hippest music video to be broadcast on TV

4. Having to take your pile of CDs everywhere

5. Missing an episode of your favorite show

6. Asking for directions in new neighborhoods

7. Getting lost when you’re on a road trip

8. Forgetting your wallet at home (or worse, losing it)

9. Needing film to take a limited number of pictures

10. Needing different books when studying

11. Not being able to sleep because it’s too warm

12. Boiling water in a pan on the stove

13. Writing letters to contact friends

14. Sharing the newspaper

15. Buying cookbooks

16. Waiting in line for hours to buy a new book

17. Calling to get a taxi to pick you up

18. Having to go to the airport to actually know if the flight has landed

Can you think of any other problematic situations that you’ve experienced in the past that the children of today couldn’t even fathom dealing with? Share your experience with us in the comments!

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