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18 People Who Unleashed Their Creativity on Their Knitting Projects

It could be the repetitive movement or the sounds of yarn touching the needles that make people feel relaxed when they crochet. It is indeed a great stress reliever for many and also an excellent way to create something on your own. It creates a feeling of self-accomplishment that we don’t usually get nowadays, since we can buy everything from a store. And we thought it would be a great idea to gather some designs that are extremely impressive.

1. “I’m adding a hidden alien face.”

2. “I thrummed a balaclava. It looks very silly and is very cozy.”

3. “My first, and certainly not my last, parasol”

4. “My brother challenged me to make more animal socks!! Had a lot of fun making these guys.”

5. “I crochet mostly, but my dear Santa gave me a needle set last Christmas. So I knitted a SOCK.”

6. “Whipped up this cutie for Easter! The carrot does stand up, just looks a little stretched due to the bunny being done in a slightly thicker yarn.”

7. “I knit a night light.”

8. “My first attempt at a houseplant and it turned out great.”

9. “After many, many hours crocheting, I was finally able to gift this to my nephew.”

10. “I made a lacey shawl for my sister, but I had to try it on myself first.”

11. “My mom doesn’t use Reddit, so I wanted to post this because she’s an amazing woman with amazing talent.”

12. “I made this frog and had to take it to the beach.”

13. “Magnetic stacked ice cream cones”

14. “The cats have already accepted her into their coven.”

15. “Had to make a new hat for our ’Silly Hat Day’ at school this week.”

16. “Almost 2 years after I made it, my cat is finally using his couch.”

17. “My friend said his dream was to be the first black Spider-Man. I understood the assignment.”

18. “I made my dogs broccoli hats.”

Are you a fan of crochet? Do you have any other creative hobbies that keep you busy during your free time?

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