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18 Times People Showed That Their Intelligence Is on a Different Level

Letting your imagination roam free can help you come up with solutions no one else has ever even thought about. People shared their best hacks that require a dash of creativity, paired with out-of-the-box thinking. For example, putting a piece of paper under your wipers might save you from an unwanted parking fine, and using a nail-clipper can keep your wobbly toilet seat upright.

Every day is a chance to learn little tricks that can improve our lives and Bright Side has prepared a list of some you might have never have thought about.

1. “Gave myself a ticket, so that they don’t.”

2. “I duct-taped two rugs together because I don’t have $500 for a custom pink cow rug.”

3. “When eating a range of delicious curries or saucy foods, use your rice to divide your plate into sections to avoid mixing the sauces.”

4. “Work smarter, not harder. My co-worker always thinks of the comfiest way to install under cabinet lights.”

5. Your watch clasp broke? Use a safety pin and prolong its life.

6. “My girlfriend’s brother couldn’t see the TV but didn’t want to get up to get his glasses, so this was his solution.”

7. “My sister’s solution to cutting onions.”

8. Ingeniousity at its best — tennis balls double as chair silencers

9. “I still stub my toe but wrapping the bed frame wheel with a towel to use as a cushion helps alleviate some of the pain.”

10. “I used to do the fork thing but using chopsticks is so much better. ”

11. “My friend solved his falling toilet lid problem with a nail clipper.”

12. “This tree repaired with stone.”

“This is very old-school tree care practice. We don’t do it anymore but the idea was that filling the cavity returns the ‘strength’ to the tree. It’s not entirely wrong, but it does stop the tree putting on reactionary growth to the loss of structural stability weakening it in the long term.”

13. “Local auto repair shop uses rims as door handles for their sliding door.”

14. “Very specific meal tip for mussel/tapas eaters. Use empty mussel shells as convenient mini-tongs.”

15. “This pub had a creative way to ’fix’ the bathroom door.”

“That’s brilliant — I am stealing that idea — my wife found a hole in a closet wall some contractors made while doing some work. This is definitely how I’m going to repair it.”

16. “My daughter made cookies and burned some of them. She said she fixed the burned ones.”

17. “Whoever placed these googly eyes is a genius.”

18. “The gas cap stopped working, so I fixed it.”

Which one of these smart solutions will you put into practice? When things break in your household, do you try to fix them or do you rush to buy new replacements?

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