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19 Photos That Show How Fast Time Flies

We often don’t notice how time passes unless it leaves a mark on something or someone. And sometimes, it seems that you can even touch the time and feel its power and inevitability.

At Bright Side, we decided to remind you and ourselves of how important it is to value every minute, and we chose some photos that really let you feel how fast time flies.

“At my desk working hard in 1992 and in 2019 right before my retirement”

“Until my twenties, my eyes were completely brown. Since 2008, they have been changing their color.”

“I have compulsively picked the skin off my finger for 15 years, resulting in it being covered in scar tissue with a lack of a fingerprint.”

“This saguaro cactus my parents planted 30 years ago”

“I had a ring that I never took off for 8 years removed and got sunburnt only in that spot.”

Years of people touching the map at the “you are here” spot

“The sill of the door frame to the office of my buddy’s marina has been ’sanded down’ from like 20 years of boots stepping on it.”

“The way these elevator buttons have worn down based on willingness to take stairs”

“The basketball I got 5 years ago vs the basketball I got today”

“My mom has had these shoes for 13 years and her footprints are forever there.”

“This penny that has been stuck in my washer for years”

“The way my bike pedals have worn grooves in my shoes”

The difference between a keyboard that was used for years and a brand new one

“A teeter-totter in my local playground where thousands of little feet have worn through the asphalt”

An 18-month difference

“My mom’s flip-flops somehow have only worn out on the left foot.”

Do you remember hobbit Sam with a baby girl in his arms?

She’s actor Sean Astin’s real daughter, and she graduated from college in 2019.

“The sticker on my high school hat I’ve had for 10 years fell off, showing the original color.”

“After high school, I was interested in special effects makeup. Now I can see how much my ear has grown over the last 35 years.”

What changes remind you of how fast time flies? Tell us in the comments below.

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