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19 Times Modern Designs Totally Failed Us

The designs in our homes and in products are important because they make them look good and function as conveniently as possible for us. But, every now and then, modern technology and design overcomplicate themselves to the point where we laugh at how ridiculous they appear.

At Bright Side, we compiled photos from people who had epic fail designs, and this shows how important it is to think about the package and structure.

1. “Captain America can fly now?”

2. “Let’s put the SOS button here so that people mistake it as the flush button.”

3. “This hotel room has the toilet right by the bed.”

4. “This bathroom has a glass door (No, it’s not one of those auto-frost windows).”

5. “I don’t think I’ve been to a Mcoads before.”

6. “This is in our hotel room. Sunshine?”

7. “I still hit the wrong buttons sometimes, even after owning this for a year.”

8. “Starbucks has started using paper lids, this was after just a few sips.”

9. “Absolutely beautiful architecture of the place I had to pee in.”

10. “A bike path where you can be one with nature.”

11. “This handle makes the QR code unscannable.”

12. “This convenience store offers artificial grass textured flip flops.”

13. “The off button says activation.”

14. “Mixing upper and lower case doesn’t work in all circumstances.”

15. “My favorite feeling in the shower is the cold air from the air conditioner, blowing directly on you.”

16. “Doing your part for the planet.”

17. “9th floor, clearly. Oh wait, it’s the 2nd floor.”

18. “This remote for the air conditioner had me thinking far too hard.”

19. “This Peppa Pig pen with eyes in the wrong place.”

Which one of these images is your favorite? Have you had any similar experiences? Tell us in the comments.

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