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20+ Cool Places We’d Love to Visit, Even Just for a Day

Everyone strives for comfort. We choose the softest blankets for our bed, pleasant colors for painting the walls, pillows, scented candles, and a bunch of little things that bring us joy and tranquility. And it’s great that we all are on the same wavelength. After all, as a result, not only do cozy spots appear in every home, but also in libraries, shops, and cafés that we simply don’t want to ever leave.

We at Bright Side love cool places where you can relax, work, or just spend some time, and we wish everyone could find a couple of cozy spots like these.

A very compact bakery

Warm and cozy

It’s easy to spend hours in bookstores and not even notice how time flies. This cozy shop looks like you can spend the entire day in there!

“I spent a night in a bubble in a forest.”

“My parents’ porch in late summer”

A cozy treehouse

“Just my friend’s bedroom”

We’d love to go there now with a group of good friends.

“I’ve been in this apartment for many years. Finally, I was able to furnish everything to my liking. I love to sit here and watch the ocean.”

“I made a reading nook for my daughter.”

A café overlooking the water

We sigh heavily and dream of teleportation.

It’s hard to believe that this is a bus.

Let’s book it for next Saturday night!

“Went on a bike ride and found this cool place.”

“This is my sanctuary.”

A restaurant in Zermatt, Switzerland — those hemispheres have separate tables inside.

A cozy house in Yosemite

“The best place in my home”

A balcony in Bora Bora

“My buddy built a treehouse.”

“I took a picture of the library that I worked in last night.”

A café in Lillehammer

“Out of all my 800 square feet, these few are my favorite!”

A warm house for cold weather

What unusual places have you managed to spend some time in?

Preview photo credit ivanoski-007 / Reddit