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21 Moments That Make You Stop and Ask What Is Going On

Some simple things can get complicated, and your brain can get stuck trying to crack the case. It can be a 3D painting that makes you feel like the floor has a hole. Just be careful with what you see because sometimes it’s just an illusion.

1. “Best photo I have ever taken”

2. Ready for lunch

3. “When my buddy’s dog leaps over grates, her body and legs disappear, and it looks like a dog’s head is just floating down the street.”

4. A solution can be simple.

5. “Baby face”

6. “This is me when my wife tells me I have to leave the house in winter.”

7. It looks like a mythological creature.

8. “This floor is completely flat.”

9. “Tenants called today to tell me the toilet wouldn’t flush, plumber turned up to this.”

10. “Her arm looks like it’s floating.”

11. “That T-shirt is flying, right?”

12. “I wonder how many stations this cat can tune into?”

13. “Taking it easy”

14. “I took this photo of my wife and baby, and it’s just an odd wrist angle, but it is still weird.”

15. “Long legs”

16. “The headless bent-neck texter”

17. “Aerial camouflage”

18. “A mushroom growing on a tree”

19. “Joey insists this is the only way to go.”

20. “The wiring around this emergency shower makes it look cell shaded.”

21. “Imprints from clothing”

How often do you notice weird things? Do you like to visit museums of illusions?

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