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20+ People Shared Their Cool Findings They Discovered Among Second-Hand Stuff

There is a chance to find a real treasure at flea markets and second-hand shops. But not everyone is eager to shop in these places because they think it’s beneath their dignity. The regular visitors of these places don’t try to convince anyone. Why? Because they’ll have more cool stuff for themselves.

At Bright Side, we are happy for these lucky buyers and would like to show you their outstanding findings.

“I found this masterpiece at a flea market! It is absolutely amazing and has so many hidden images in it. My husband was less than thrilled when I hung it in our kitchen, luckily he loves me a lot.”

“We were browsing in an antique store when my daughter wandered up behind me and said, ‘Mommy, look at this doll I found!’ Imagine the horror I felt when I turned around and saw this abomination! She begged me to buy this doll.”

“We found these Harry Potter wands for $2 each!”

“Meet: Emera Gussy Quiltakitty. She stole my heart. I couldn’t leave her behind. She is hand-painted and the only markings on her are a ’DW 1984’.”

“I love cool old things, which is why I regularly wander around at flea markets. This is an interesting find. It’s the machine for the sorting and packaging of coins.”

“This thing is really reliable, with a cast iron bed. It weighs 40 pounds. You have to use the handle on the right to turn the drum. The coins are then thrown through a slot with an adjustable length under the influence of a centrifugal force. The selected coins then increase the counter value automatically.”

“I scored these on Facebook marketplace for $60! I feel so lucky!”

“Late 1970s, made in England, steel-toed Dr. Martens, in my size. For. Free.”

I found 2, 14k gold and 3, sterling silver rings in this $2.00 bag at an estate sale today! Lucky days happen!”

“I found this Ninja Turtle couch on Marketplace. Originally I got it for my kid, but the cat stole it. Which I guess is appropriate because his name is Michelangelo.”

“I’ve become the happy owner of what has to be the coolest tissue container ever. Munch!”

“I didn’t know I needed it until I found it!”

“I saw someone post their kitten in one of these chairs and I found mine at a garage sale! This is my dwarf bunny enjoying the chair.”

“All of you should be eggstremely jealous of the new pan I got at a flea market today, eggspecially because it was only $4.”

You’ll find horror movies funny if you are lucky enough to meet this creepy turquoise strawberry baby monster at a flea market.

“I just purchased this blanket, washed it thrice, and here we are. I like to think someone’s grandma worked really hard on this!”

“This lovely silver octopus and all his tentacles won my heart. I’ll call him Octavio. I think he’s going into my soon-to-be remodeled beach bathroom on a corner shelf, with a small cross stitch that says something like, ’Octavio is always watching.’ Or ’Octavio is judging you.’”

“I stopped at an estate sale. I will never be the same. These were child size wearing toddler clothing and shoes.”

“This is a toilet paper holder. It has a stamp saying that it was created in Holland in 1999.”

“I love the show Futurama, and especially Bender. I spotted that box behind the counter and was trying to contain my excitement. The eyes and arms move. The chest opens to reveal the winding mechanism. It’s one of my favorite toy finds.”

“My dad found this guy! I just hope my cat doesn’t claim it, he has a thing for plush toys and carries them around like he killed them himself.”

“I found this gorgeous crocheted sunflower blanket.”

“I love these cute salt and pepper shakers I picked up at a yard sale this morning!”

“I found these super awesome high heels. Yes, they came home with me!”

“My husband brought this home, first class seats for a Winair airplane. These will make great work tables for our kids. They are complete with seatbelts so I can strap them in.”

Have you ever found an awesome or exclusive thing at a flea market or a second-hand shop? Show us your finds in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Jade Oberpriller / facebook