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20+ People Tried to Clean Off Century-Old Dirt and Hit the Jackpot

According to the information provided by Research Now, people from different countries have a different attitude toward cleaning. The French love dancing and singing while cleaning, the Japanese love using different devices, and Brazilians use detergents more often than others. True fans of cleaning are actually quite rare. But some people love it so much that they’ve even managed to clean off age-old dirt using the tools they had at home.

We at Bright Side often come across the wonders of cleaning around the internet. It is hard to believe in some of the transformations, so we suggest that you take a look at them yourself.

“Restoration of a 1950s Dixie Stove I found in an abandoned RV. There were rat nests inside of it.”

“I decided to clean the trophy room of the local rugby club.”

“I was given a Stanley plane that had been buried for 50 years. Challenge accepted.”

“This frying pan looked absolutely disgusting when I found it.”

“Saw this filthy lamp at my grandparents’ house the other day and thought I’d clean it up a bit for them.”

“Cleaned my grandma’s TV remote today.”

“My vinyl fence is new again.”

Copper sink before cleaning & after

Is that really the same bathtub?

“This place didn’t look so great, even on its best days.”

“One of the worst ones to date. Had to throw out the carpet it was so full of bugs and mold.”

“My husband brought over some of his family silver from England. Some of it is 300 years old. I finally cleaned it today.”

“When we started, there were frogs in this pool.”

“It was bent and grimy. A hot water and baking soda cleanse and one trip to the goldsmith to bend it back was all it took.”

“I turned a rusty hammer to Mjölnir.”

Some cleaning, polishing, and dying and you won’t recognize your old shoes.

“Ketchup makes a great brass polish.”

When the difference is obvious:

“My aunt’s porch before and after”

“This 50-year-old Stanley wood plane belonged to my father-in-law.”

“It was very hard to clean. But with a powerful descaler, it was finally done.”

“After I power washed the deck...”

Have you ever beaten age-old dirt? Tell us about your victories!

Preview photo credit ShadyBluff / reddit
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