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20 Pics That Show How Much Our World Has Changed Over Time

Whether by human touch or natural causes, the world is always changing, but we are not always aware of it until we compare 2 photographs. The physical change every place goes through leaves a story behind that wants to be told.

We at Bright Side created a before and after collection so you can see how even the smallest change can make a huge difference over time.

1. Chichen Itza in Mexico in 1892 and now

2. Mount St. Helens the day before the eruption in 1980 and the day after

3. The Bamiyan Buddha in Afghanistan, in 1963 and after its destruction in 2008

4. Des Moines, Iowa in 1868 and now

5. Hong Kong in the 1960s and now

6. Brazilian government headquarters during construction in 1959 and now

7. Hammerfest City, Finnmark, Norway between 1890 — 1900 and now

8. Old Kent Road, Southwark, London in 1885 and now

9. The stone bridge in Skopje, North Macedonia in 1876-1900 and now

10. Sava River mounting in Danube, Belgrade around 1925 and today

11. Sungnyemun Gate in Seoul, South Korea in 1904 and now

12. Shepard Glacier, USA in 1913 and 2005

13. Tsukiji fish market, Tokyo, Japan in 1926-1945 and now

14. Oak Street Beach, Chicago, USA in 1925 and now

15. Shanghai, China in the 1920s and now

16. “Main Falls” at Victoria Falls in 2015 and now

17. Vilnius, Lithuania between 1915-1920 and now

18. National Monument in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1963 and 2010

19. Melbourne, Australia late 1930s and now

20. Construction of the Obelisk of Buenos Aires in 1936 and now

How much of your city has changed, maybe you have images to share with us? Which change was the most surprising from our collection?