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20+ Rare Photos That Prove This World Is Full of Wonders (New Pics)

It’s amazing what you can see if you know where to look. The world always has something to show us, whether it's a vertical sunset, a giant avocado, or unusual clouds. Our job is just to notice these things and, if we're lucky, take a pic!

Here at Bright Side we love looking at the unusual things internet users share on social media, so we decided to share the most striking ones with you!

1. South Florida farmers grow unique avocados!

2. “My car met its great grandfather today.”

3. This strawberry only grew leaves.

4. This woman at a cafe really resembles the woman in the painting right behind her.

5. This sunflower has hundreds of tinier flowers in its center.

6. This sunset is vertical instead of horizontal.

7. “Defrosted some meat and the letters melted off the label. I now have errant letters all over my counter.”

8. These lenses are different and you can see it in the light.

9. This is rust that looks like tree bark on a bus stop sign.

10. This glass is reflection-free, which makes it nearly invisible.

11. Dead leaves made the roots of the tree glow!

12. A bug left a pattern on this leaf.

13. “I have 4 dots in my eye.”

14. These grapes at the grocery store look like peppers!

15. This moth has a tiger face on its back.

16. Rainbow puddle of petrol drops

17. “I placed this 8 ball in this tree 8 years ago today.”

18. A giant swallowtail butterfly landed next to a picture of her species!

19. Wave shaped clouds over Portland

20. This sunflower knows no obstacles.

21. Brothers from different mothers? Time travelers?

22. When the honey hunt was successful:

23. The Nevada/California state line actually runs through this swimming pool.

Have you ever seen any of these amazing phenomena with your own eyes? We can’t wait to see your stories and pictures in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit RemediatedToxic / reddit
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