21 Sneaky Traps Supermarkets Lay for Us

According to Martin Lindstrom, 95% of shoppers know the approximate prices of only 4 items: bread, eggs, milk, and bananas. They have absolutely no idea about how much all the other products might cost. Supermarket bosses often play on this and offer us "big sales" where we can buy everything "at low prices." To boost sales, they also resort to such secret selling techniques as special arrangements, huge shopping carts, free samples, and even creative lighting.

Bright Side gathered the most prominent examples of supermarket traps that you should pay attention to if you want to be satisfied with your purchases and not be fooled by any misleading information or sophisticated tricks.

21. Are you kidding me?

20. This deceiving 3 pack of Colgate...

19. They package oranges in red mesh to make them look more orange.

18. "Carmex varies the length of its packaging so that they hang more evenly on a display rack."

17. For the laziest!

16. Same headphones, different packaging.

15. "If only nature could provide some packaging for oranges so that we didn't have to waste plastic."

14. The biggest discount ever!

13. This supermarket is trying to sell a single slice of cheese.

12. "Forgot to check the eggs before leaving the supermarket."

11. The ingredients of this drink are sugar, water, and the color purple.

10. It's perfect for vegetarians.

9. Looks like someone has trouble with math...

8. This supermarket covers the calories in this drink.

7. Manufacturers will do anything to sell their products...even fake labels.

6. A typical sale in Russia — buy one pack, and get 2 sausages for free.

5. And 900% of other ingredients...

4. "This is why I have trust issues."

3. Looks like they don't know what "bigger" means.

2. "Bought peppermint M&M's. Inside the 281 g package was a slightly smaller 280.7 package."

1. Lies all around!

Have you ever noticed any sneaky traps at your local supermarket? Share your experience in the comments!

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