22 Pics That Show It’s All a Matter of Angles

The perspective in a photo can be so confusing, it can change the whole direction of a story. Your cat suddenly becomes giant, a server’s arm gets super long, and a cactus starts dancing like a human being.

We at Bright Side are sure that angles can make any shot unpredictable and found 22 pics that prove it.

1. It looks like a parallel universe where birds are giant.

2. The cactus and its realistic shadow

3. “2 pics in 1 shot — half night, half day”

4. “Who’s a good boy?”

5. “I took a picture of my roommate and the server looks like he has a really long arm.”

6. “This picture I took of 2 swans that looks like 1 swan with a smaller second head.”

7. “It could be a floating cat or a cat on a floating shelf.”

8. “The dog seems to be wearing a tiny dog hat.”

9. This baby has a huge thumb.

10. The space cat

11. “Oh no, my Jared deflated.”

12. “Because of the way this picture was taken, the woman in the frame looks shorter than she actually is.”

13. “My daughter... Where’s the rest of her? Now I see, do you?”

14. “Yarn on the table or giant yarn on a hardwood floor?”

15. “A reflection of the tunnel in mirrored sunglasses”

16. “Squirrels have been busy carving a pumpkin illusion in our yard.”

17. “My clip-on sunglasses look like an insect.”

18. Levitating water

19. These paw prints could be raised or depressed.

20. “This photo of my girlfriend and me”

21. A cyborg dog exists!

22. “Angles make it look like I’m holding a giant cat.”

Do you have your own pictures that were taken at curious angles? Please share them with us!

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