25 Photos That Are Too Hard to Understand at First Glance

Most of the photos people take, show someone posing in front of a camera. But, from time to time, the lens captures an imperfect angle, and the result is a photo that has to be seen several times to figure out what it shows. It’s not all bad news, that’s how we train our imagination and have fun. In a Reddit thread, users shared the types of photographs that make us doubt our own eyes.

Bright Side made a collection of 25 photographs that have a comically confusing perspective.

1. “Apparently one of the side effects of cold medicine is growing a man’s arm.”

2. “2 cats or white cat with a hat?”

3. “That’s not how you hold a baby.”

4. A cat, the world’s savior

5. When your hand prints look 3D:

6. God... is this dog falling?

7. “Someone forgot to train legs.”

8. Is there a dog on the table?

9. This banana slice is pretty mad.

10. Baby girl with a ponytail

11. Give me a hug!

12. “Not a movie, just a reflection from the sun”

13. “When I stand on this mountain, I am a giant.”

14. “Steep roads in San Francisco”

15. The boy with the enormous hand

16. Where are this man’s legs?

17. No, that’s not Botox. He’s just biting a donut toy.

18. What are you looking at?

19. Car on fire!

20. Someone dropped her pants.

21. A levitating canoe

22. A demon just came to town.

23. Ghost tree star

24. What the heck is going on here?

25. Look who brought you a present!

Which photo deceived you the most? Do you have confusing pictures you would like to share with us? You can do so in the comment section!

Preview photo credit natsjxr / Reddit
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