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26 Times There Was a Glitch in the Matrix

Four years after The Matrix was released, Nick Bostrom wrote a philosophy paper entitled, Are You Living in a Computer Simulation? In it, he states that we are almost certainly living in a simulated universe. Although this statement is only a theory, today we can find more and more reasons to believe it.

Bright Side gathered the most prominent examples of glitches in the matrix proving that we probably shouldn't trust the reality of the world we live in.

26. Her nails match her chewing gum.

25. Irony, coincidence, or cannibalism?

24. These two guys entered the metro from different stations and don't even know each other.

23. "I was stirring my coffee, looked down and realized I had indirectly stirred a fox into the foam."

22. "My friend's dog in the background and her son's T-shirt match perfectly."

21. It's too perfect to be real...

20. Is this even possible?

19. Something is wrong with the graphics here.

18. A Rocky Mountain sheep just hanging around

17. The cutest glitch in the Matrix

16. This candle has stopped working.

15. Is she a time traveler or what?

14. A row of bald clones

13. An angry pickle

12. "My doctor said I looked exactly like the guy on the wall."

11. Is this a hint of destiny?

10. The real Snoopy

9. Seagull clones

8. Everybody loves ice cream!

7. He is definitely listening to music.

6. "Family resemblance: My brother and I."

5. "My cat looks exactly like the one on her treat bag."

4. Because of the rip placement, the M&M on the bag has two emotions.

3. "I spilled my coffee and now Elvis is crying."

2. This tire mark on a highway looks like a hummingbird.

1. "I dropped a Skittle and it broke in half."

Have you ever noticed any weird glitches in the matrix? Share your photos in the comments!

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