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27 Desperate People Whose Lives Are Endless Disasters

Our world is a strange place hiding millions of weird and crazy things. How can we explain a mannequin in a public restroom or a band of frogs that stare at you? We think that it’s just impossible to explain.

Bright Side has found pictures proving that mysterious things are everywhere and we all are forced to face them from time to time.

27. “The way my cup broke”

26. “This order number I got outside of the Vatican City”

25. “Am I making things more complicated?”

24. “My cousin’s legs after a day in the sun in ripped jeans”

23. “This teddy bear hospital wall resembles a room of a murderer of toys.”

22. “I hope it was just a frog.”

21. 5 mushrooms on this pizza, and only one of them is wild.

20. It’s so confusing.

19. “These overheated cans not only exploded simultaneously while I was driving, but they also tore apart the box.”

18. This guy shaved his head, got severely sunburned, and swelled up just a little bit.

17. “A car in the same parking lot vs my car.”

16. “When did fortunes get so dark?”

15. “At midnight the clock on my oven says 24:00 rather than 00:00.”

14. “Had a feeling I was being watched...”

13. “Was waiting for the game to update, and decided to get on the laptop while I waited...”

12. “The amount of paper used to print a receipt for my $1.59 milk transaction”

11. “I just cut a cabbage.”

10. “This sliced mushroom that looks like a skull”

9. “This unedited pic I took on the Golden Gate Bridge causes so many questions.”

8. “10 AM in Brussels, Belgium. I was all alone on the tram.”

7. Zombie control van

6. “My dad’s luggage hates traveling.”

5. “My dog using her psychic powers to control me in her plot to take over the world”

4. “At least the devil is being upfront about it.”

3. “I just walked into this gas station restroom.”

2. “This upside down photo of bats looks like they’re waiting for a game to start in a rainy stadium.”

1. “I’m babysitting my cousin and he’s determined to get me pulled over.”

Have you ever gotten into such mysterious and weird situations? Share them with us in the comments!

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