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29 People Whose Expectations Were Smashed to Pieces in an Instant

There’s not one person on this Earth that can honestly say that everything they’ve ever received has reached their expectations. There are simply some things that will never be up to standard. Sometimes, however, these ideas can be completely thrown out the window, because what’s advertised on the box, isn’t always what you receive.

The saying goes, “Expect the unexpected.” But not even we at Bright Side think anyone would have expected the contents of these truly maddening pictures that will make you second-guess everything when ordering something in the future.

1. “I definitely didn’t order half and half!”

2. “ASOS, I might be wrong but, I’m pretty sure you’ve sent me the wrong order...”

3. “My friend bought a $600 Apple Watch off eBay. This is what came..”

4. “That’s what ya get for ordering veneers online!”

5. This is exactly how it looks on the package.

6. “Biggest let down I’ve had in a while.”

7. A face mask fit for... I don’t know, maybe a Barbie doll?

8. “My boss ordered chairs for the break room last year. He too did not get what he expected.”

9. “Save the extra plastic and just make a smaller bottle please.”

10. “I ordered a wall tapestry from Wish and the picture to choose the design was super small. It came in the mail today and I put it up and it took me 2 hours to realize IT’S MADE OF PUGS!”

11. “Dreams were dashed at the airport.”

12. It looks like it came right out of the movie...

13. “Thank you Urban Outfitters. It’s exactly how I imagined.”

14. Looks can be deceiving.

15. “When you order clothes on Amazon...”

16. “This cup ‘full’ of candy”

17. I bet they were so glad they bought this Panda themed candy...

18. “Mildly disappointed, but very amused.”

19. “Underwater scene puzzle my kids got.”

20. I see what you did there. Sly, very sly.

21. Unexpected can also mean hitting the jackpot!

22. “These things never work out, do they?”

23. “Includes a private balcony. It’s just a view of the wall of the next building.”

24. “A Texas sized disappointment”

25. These boots weren’t made for walking.

26. “I feel robbed of my chocolate.”

27. Things sure aren’t looking jolly this holiday season.

28. “Guys my friend ordered for a 2-piece from this account on IG for 10k.. Look at what she ordered and what they delivered to her!”

29. I’ve definitely got beef with the packaging of this beef.

BONUS: “I got this ice cream bar from a 7-11 store in Tokyo and it was exactly the same as in picture. Plus it was delicious!”

Which maddening picture didn’t meet your expectations? Let us know and show us anything and everything infuriating that you’ve ever discovered too.

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