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7 Extreme Beauty Trends From Mayan Culture

Each culture has its own standards of beauty and it was around the 3rd century, in the heyday of the Mayan civilization, that many of the beauty procedures we know and love today were invented. The Mayans are not only remembered for human sacrifices, but also for their devotion to beauty, and although these practices may seem extreme at first glance, we share similar trends today — just adapted to new standards.

We at Bright Side discovered similarities between extreme beauty procedures from Mayan culture and present procedures. Although they are not exactly the same, we invite you to find out which ones are inspired by the Mayans and which ones are left in the past.

1. Jewelry on their teeth

Shimmering teeth were a thing but not as usual. Mayan people used to go to the dentist to place carved stone inlays in their front teeth. Picture turquoise, hematite, quartz, and jadeite inlays incrusted in your teeth.
Although, it was an ancient practice we can still see it as a trend in a similar form on many rappers. Gold teeth, anyone?

2. Mayan tattoos

Getting a tattoo in the Mayan era was a painful experience that not many dared to do. The procedure consisted of carving into the skin, giving the tattoo a 3D look. Unsurprisingly, getting a tattoo was a symbol of bravery and gave a more beautiful look to those who chose to get one.

3. Extravagant hair accessories

Every great culture needs its crown. Mayans expressed their artistic skills in the crafting of headdresses. These were typically made in the shape of the popular animals of their culture, using colorful feathers and precious stones like jade.

4. Cranial deformation

The long, flat heads were believed to be attractive as they resembled those of their deities. To achieve this look, parents used to flatten the soft skulls of their newborn babies by attaching 2 wooden boards to their heads. Pioneers of cosmetic surgeries?

5. Crossed eyes

True beauty is said to be based on the eyes, and the Mayans had a peculiar translation of this saying. They considered crossed eyes to be a symbol of beauty. To achieve this feature, parents used to hang a small toy between their toddler’s eyes. The child would look at it and, over time, their eyes would grow to be permanently crossed.

6. Facial piercings

Piercings are popular accessories in modern culture and were once popular in Mayan culture as well. Just like today, the most common body part to pierce was the ears, followed by the nose and lips. For the Mayans, wearing piercings symbolized honor to their gods, in addition to highlighting their beauty.

7. Artificial nose bridge

Nose jobs were a thing in Mayan times. The main difference is that instead of looking to get a turned-up tip, they preferred beaked noses just like their gods. For those who weren’t born with a curved nose, they used artificial bridges made of clay to simulate a naturally beaked nose.

Which of the Mayan trends would you dare to try or maybe have already tried in their contemporary version? Share them here with us!

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