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Answers to 8 of the Most Popular Questions People Keep Asking Google

There are so many questions and so many unsolved mysteries out there. Luckily, we have the Internet at hand, so we can get an answer to any question we want. Interestingly enough, some questions occupy the minds of millions of people, and they turn to Google for help so often that an enormous list of the most frequently asked questions has appeared.

Bright Side dares you to answer these questions yourself before reading the answers.

1. Why cats love sinks

Our 4-legged friends choose this seemingly unwelcoming place for a variety of reasons. They might be hot, so they chill there because sinks are the coolest places. They might also feel safer in small and high spaces. And last but not least, they’re just thirsty.

2. Why the sky is blue

It has nothing to do with the reflection of the ocean. In fact, blue light spreads easier than the other colors, as its waves are shorter. When white light shines through the atmosphere, air molecules cause the blue light to scatter.

3. Why cats purr

Purring is a way of communicating, especially between a kitten and its mom. Interestingly, a purring cat is not always a happy one. The vibrations can also be triggered by fear, nervousness, and stress. Purring is also a way to get our attention, particularly, to make us feed them faster.

4. “Why we should hire you”

Apparently, this question catches many people off guard. There’s no universal answer, however, it’s better to avoid mentioning some things. Don’t praise yourself too much; instead, try to find an achievement that distinguishes you from the rest. It’s recommended to focus on your creative thinking and the benefits you can bring the company.

5. Why there’s a leap day

February 29 is a leap day that appears in our calendars. Over the course of 4 years, half a dozen hours accumulate, thus forming a complete day. The twenty-ninth day is added to make sure the true astronomical year is consistent and the lost time is regained.

6. Why cats are afraid of cucumbers

Although no one really knows why, there are still some explanations for this. First of all, cats might be startled due to the unusual smell of the vegetable (unless they’re used to seeing it). Secondly, cucumbers might look like snakes to cats. Finally, cats aren’t actually afraid of cucumbers.
They only find them threatening if the object is placed surreptitiously behind their backs.

7. Why firetrucks are red

In the past, old cars were usually black, and trucks were painted red to make them stand out. As a result, everyone could identify them easily and give way. However, another potential answer exists as well. It’s believed that unpaid volunteers worked at fire stations, so they chose the cheapest paint, which was red.

8. Why dogs eat grass

It’s so common for dogs to eat grass that a term was coined for this phenomenon, known as pica. This happens for a variety of reasons. They might want to improve their digestion, treat intestinal worms, or get missing vitamins. They might also be genetically predisposed to eat grass, as dogs are omnivores.

What question has long been on your mind? What question do you Google often but always forget the answer to later?

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