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15+ Clichés That Annoy Even Those Who Watch Only One Movie a Year

About 700 Hollywood movies are released every year. Though filmmakers try to surprise us with diverse plots and colorful visual effects, still, some movies end up looking virtually the same. And while there’s nothing wrong with quoting or referencing other films, it gets tiring seeing the same banal details and plot twists in movies over and over again.

We at Bright Side figured out what movie stamps and clichés people are more than fed up with.

Action movies and thrillers

  • Almost every movie that has a chasing scene shows the main characters rushing through a Chinese restaurant. © coldsemenova / twitter
  • One character is wounded, and someone rushes to him to catch him in their arms and sits next to him as if it’s going to help. Most often, they drop their weapons and ignore the presence of their rivals around. © Catland / pikabu
  • When something bad happens, the main character immediately goes to the sink to splash their face with water. © AnonymousNoFace / reddit
  • A guy walks in holding a 30-page document and gives it to some other dude. The dude who’s getting the document glances at the first page for a nanosecond and immediately knows everything there is to know about this case. © I_hate_traveling / reddit

  • Women can be in the jungle for days but no hair appears anywhere. Men instantly grow a beard. © bubblebumblejumble / reddit

  • Using guns in small rooms with no ear protection, without being affected by the very loud bang that would probably damage your hearing. © TheMoris / reddit
  • Any sword is pulled out of the sheath notably with a sharp clink of metal. © telepuzique / twitter
  • Picturesque battles that take place on small ships sailing in the open sea. Everyone is standing on their feet so firmly and no waves prevent them from performing their tricks because, at that moment of the battle, the ship stands still in one place. © Yulia — Pilyuliya /
  • The Eiffel Tower in Paris is seen from ALL windows. © Tatiana Boykova /
  • When someone comes to the main character’s place, he never locks the door after the visitors enter the apartment/house. My inner paranoiac screams every time I see it. © Koshko /
  • When people answer a call on their mobile phone and NEVER KNOW who is calling them, even if that person is their partner or boss. © Sitael88 / twitter
  • I am astonished to see some characters riding on a horse and shooting a gun simultaneously. What’s even more surprising — he always reaches the target! The horse’s back is not still when running, while a person’s arms should stay motionless and not tremble while aiming. © Captain Jack Sparrow /
  • One needs to simply shoot the monitor to destroy all the data on the computer. © Aslanov_K / twitter
  • If the main character is a policeman, at the beginning of the movie, his boss will most often give him a new partner instead of the old one (who in most scenarios had already died). The main character is turned off by the newbie but at the end of the story, they become best friends. © Disbat / pikabu
  • When hearing strange sounds, movie characters go to the basement, wearing their pajamas. I hide under the blanket if I hear a drop of water falling in the sink at night... © Vera Mayorova /
  • Police take a DNA sample and have the results in an hour. © inkseep1 / reddit
  • The police and ambulance that appear in the final part of the film always have a stock of coffee and blankets to put on the movie characters’ shoulders. © Irina Jernakova /

  • Ah, there’s a popular phrase that annoys me to the core. When a person is run over by a car or a shark bites their leg, someone asks, “Are you okay?” © Evgeniya /
  • The main character lies all sweaty (it’s a necessary attribute) after getting wounded or sick and then someone lifts his head and says, “You need to drink.” © Napasoff / pikabu
  • I am annoyed by the cliché a-la “Don’t touch me!” in response to “You can’t go there.” It’s all followed by trying to aggressively get out of someone’s hands. Of course, it demonstrates positive features of the character such as persistence and independence. I’m alone against the whole world, I’m the main hero here! © Tarrelond_Ash / twitter
  • “Repeat what you’ve just said.” The main hero hears this phrase and instantly gets a solution to some issue. And then he actively demands that the person repeat it once again. © Rarina /
  • If someone is trying the meat of an exotic animal or an alien, they always say the following phrase: “It tastes like chicken.” © alexson / pikabu
  • I get annoyed when movie characters say, “Meet ya at the bar,” and the interlocutor understands everything. Which bar? What time? Which day of the week? © Kseniya Pavlenko /
  • When it’s raining, the main character falls onto his knees and screams, “NOOOOOOOOO!” with his hands raised to the skies. © Napasoff / pikabu

Romantic comedies

  • If the main character is a plain-looking girl, she has curly hair at the beginning of a movie. When she eventually becomes beautiful, her hair is straightened. Have you noticed that too? © Galina Pfefer /
  • The first sign of pregnancy — a girl not suspecting anything suddenly closes her mouth with her hand and rushes to cough over the trash can. © Natalia Nesterova /
  • Guys kiss girls to shut them up. © Kjaide450 / reddit
  • When the girl is walking on the street holding her books and bumps into an attractive man, who helps her collecting her books from the floor, then they look at each other and fall in love. © Cold_Ad5495 / reddit
  • Kids at school dances are all up and dancing. In real life, they just stand in circles and talk. © hail_to_the_beef / reddit
  • He or she gropes their bed in the morning in search of their beloved but there’s no one there. They start to panic — aliens have abducted them! Turns out, he or she is simply cooking breakfast. © hatifnatten / twitter
  • School in movies just consumes about 10% of the day. © lacka1rforceRuto / reddit
  • She says, “Hey, things could be worse,” and then the rain starts pouring. © Asprra / twitter
  • “Hey, buddy, I fought with my wife. Please let me stay overnight at your place.” Why would he need you at night? He has a family and it’d be odd. You can go to a hotel and have a free breakfast there. © verysexydasha / twitter
  • Meeting new friends the minute you move to a new town. © Pralineswithrum / reddit
  • If some movie character is interested in sports, it’s ALWAYS baseball. © Alexey Maslennikov /
  • Being poor basically means having a large, rustic apartment with just okay natural lighting and minimal decoration. © whole_lot_of_velcro / reddit

What moments in movies make you tiredly roll your eyes?