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15 Movies That Can Easily Make You Forget About Everything and Watch Them

Modern life tends to become a routine making each of us strive for newer and brighter emotions. Oftentimes, the easiest way to experience them is to watch a good movie. It can help you combine a couple of things: to take a break and get charged up for the near future and the things you have to do in your daily life.

We at Bright Side like to experience the magic of cinema. In today’s compilation, we have prepared a list of movies for you that can touch the depths of your soul.

1. Doctor Sleep (2019)

This movie is based on Stephen King’s novel. Danny Torrance, the main character of the movie, has had a telepathic ability since childhood. However, he loses this unique gift after growing up. He then learns about some mysterious hunters whose goal is to find these outstanding kids and starts to think about how to save them. First of all, he will have to help a gifted girl named Abra.

2. The Giver (2014)

The main character named Jonas lives in an ideal future world where there are no problems or sorrows. At the same time, humankind has been deprived of emotions and memories. The Community decides to put him into the position of the Receiver of Memory, which he has to take from the current Receiver who asks to call him The Giver. And that’s when the fight against the system starts.

3. Southpaw (2015)

The movie tells the story about Billy Hope — the world light heavyweight champion in boxing. His role is played by Jake Gyllenhaal. The athlete has everything he needs — apart from a bright career, he also has a loving family. But one day his wife passes away and he has to be alone with their daughter. Now he needs to get it together and overcome his bitter loss.

4. Daybreakers (2009)

The action takes place in the not-so-distant future, where the majority of Earthers have turned into vampires. Those who’ve managed to remain human stand up and fight against the immortal bloodsuckers. The character played by Ethan Hawke does his best to save a dying world.

5. The Caller (2011)

Mary has a very difficult relationship with her husband. After getting divorced, she moves away and starts her life from scratch again. However, her plans to change her life fail to be realized. After a strange phone call, she gets caught in a web of intrigue. She keeps getting these calls and will be ordered to do the impossible.

6. Australia (2008)

A widowed English aristocrat woman, Sarah Ashley played by Nicole Kidman, inherits a ranch in the northern part of Australia. In order to save her property from English cattle empires, she goes to the ranch right before the start of World War II. The cattle driver played by Hugh Jackman helps her drive cattle to another city. The man and the woman become attracted to each other.

7. Queen Marie of Romania (2019)

Marie was born into a powerful family. She could’ve taken the throne instead of the Queen of Great Britain, but she refused to marry George V who proposed to her. She opted to marry Ferdinand — the Roman crown prince. After that happens, the queen ends up being involved in endless scandals and conflicts.

8. Hearts and Bones (2019)

Daniel is a military photographer whose work is all about traveling around hot spots. The character finds himself in different corners of the world and captures various events. At one point, upon returning home, he decided to set up an exhibition of his photos. Before the exhibition, a taxi driver named Sebastian, a refugee from South Sudan, approaches Daniel — he asks him to take a couple of photos of African choristers from the city community.

However, later his true motive comes to the surface — the thing is that one of the photos taken by Daniel before shows Sebastian’s native village where his loved ones had died many years ago in a massacre. The taxi driver begs him to not display this work because he now has a new life and a family that doesn’t know about this tragedy.

9. The Space Between the Lines (2019)

The main character of the movie, Emmi, is a married woman. Once she makes a mistake with an e-mail address and sends a letter to a stranger named Leo. After this happens, her usual rhythm of life changes and these virtual friends start to develop deep feelings for each other.

10. The Bygone (2019)

Life brings together a young farmer and a girl living on a reservation. However, soon afterward she mysteriously disappears and the man starts to search for her. During his quest, he finds out many unexpected details about life in this region. He decides to save his new friends at any cost.

11. A Magnificent Haunting (2012)

A young man named Pietro dreams about having an acting career. He decides to go to Rome where he almost instantly finds a place to live — spacious and suspiciously cheap. Soon afterward, strange things start to happen in the apartment. Pietro then starts to see ghosts and after this happens, his life will never be the same again.

12. Our Time (2018)

A poet named Juan is the main character of the movie. He moved to a small ranch together with his wife Esther where she meets an interesting man and they start an affair. The man who had been giving his spouse full freedom is now hurt and jealous, and he doesn’t know how to overcome everything that has happened.

13. Three Faces (2018)

A famous superstar named Behnaz gets a video recording from a girl who lives in a village. In the video, she talks about her conflict with her family who forbids her from making her dream of becoming an actress come true. Together with her friend who works as a movie director, the main character goes to the village. Now they will have to do their best to reconcile with ill-tempered relatives.

14. Happy End (2017)

A very strange family lives under one roof. Some suffer from dementia, others suffer from neurosis because of hard work, and others simply can’t get it together. A 12-year-old girl, Eve, happens to be in this circle as well — she is the daughter from a failed marriage of one of those present in the house. Will she manage to find a common language with these not-so-simple people?

15. The Wave (2019)

A lawyer named Frank works at an insurance company. He is tired of his routine and the only joy in his life are his thoughts about an upcoming promotion at work. On the eve of the board of directors meeting, Frank’s friend Jeff invites him to a party where he meets a mysterious stranger who is going to change his life forever by erasing the line between reality and imagination.

What movie has touched the depths of your soul? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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