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Chicago Mom and Her Kids Recreate Scenes From Best Picture Nominees, and the Result Is Hilariously Adorable

The 90th Academy Awards were held successfully on March 9th. People from all over look forward to celebrating this exciting event. The Storino family has been celebrating the Oscars every year in their own unique way. The Storino kids, Sophia (7), Sadie (5) and Sloane (2) have been recreating the nominees for best picture every year.

Cinephiles Found Curious Details in 10 Movies We Haven’t Noticed Before

It’s no secret that making a movie is a difficult job. Directors create these stories for us and every single second of a good movie has a certain idea behind it. Some moments have hidden meanings and references to some cryptic things we’re supposed to figure out. But even huge fans and people very familiar with filmmaking often miss interesting and quite important details while watching a movie. Thankfully, there are some folks that have found these quirks in the old ones and shared them with everyone else.

How Different Characters of Our Favorite Film Franchises Look From the Beginning to End

Wow, time flies! After watching our favorite film franchises over the years, it’s easy to get used to the way the characters look from beginning to end (unless it has been actual decades between the different film installments). If you take time to compare how the characters look in the first and the last movie of a franchise, you’ll be quite surprised how much they’ve changed.

How Famous Characters Would Look If We Changed Their Most Telling Feature

Some cinema characters’ images are so famous and recognizable to us that we can’t even imagine them looking differently. But what if we slightly modify their well-known haircuts and outfits?

8 Movie Mistakes That Are Very Hard to Notice at First

Very few movies are shot “episode after the episode.” Depending on the weather conditions, the actors’ schedules, and financing, it can sometimes happen that the filming can be done out of chronological order. In such conditions, even the most professional movie consultants can sometimes forget about very important details which end up shocking attentive viewers.

8 Real Stories Behind Disney Princesses

The lineup of Disney princesses currently includes 12 characters who are royal by birth, by marriage, or considered a “princess” due to their heroism. Some of those beloved characters have their origin in legends, fairy tales, or even real life, which is often more exciting or darker than what we see in the movies.

15 Famous Actors It’s Almost Impossible to Recognize in a Role

We are used to perceiving celebrities as the lucky ones, always "in shine and glamour." But do you realize what it can take for them to transform into a character? Keeping secrets from their families, enduring long hours in the makeup chair, and even gaining weight — those are only a few sacrifices they make to become unrecognizable and live inside their role.

26 Hilarious Animation Fails That Make Japanese Cartoons So Unique

We all love Japanese animation for its atmosphere of magic, its eye-catching characters with huge eyes, and the real emotions it makes us feel. But despite all this, sometimes animators make such irrational mistakes that we can only wonder how they didn’t notice them. We at Bright Side gathered the funniest moments where animators really broke all the laws of common sense and logic.

12 “Game of Thrones” Characters With Their Real-Life Partners and Families

For almost 7 years we have been lost in the labyrinth of "Game of Thrones," trying to predict and figure out the next moves of the residents of Westeros. We have followed their love lives, empathizing with or hating the breakups and reunions, and sometimes forgetting that our favorite characters don't date each other in real life. Well, except for one couple! Bright Side decided to show you how the partners and families of our beloved "Game of Thrones" characters look in real life. Which one of these couples is a surprise to you?

A Fascinating Look at the Stars of Harry Potter 16 Years Later

In 2001, the world first saw an absolutely fabulous film about a boy who became a wizard. It immediately captured the imagination of children and adults all over the world. Over the ensuing decade, a whole series of films about Harry Potter was released, and a whole generation of kids counted time in terms of waiting for the release of the next instalment.

30 Uncannily Similar Actors We Always Mix Up

There are many celebrities out there from a whole number of industries. We don’t often realise it, but even in this small, exclusive community, individuals can look remarkably similar — to the point where we often confuse one with another.

The stars of Home Alone 25 years later

Home Alone is now a seminal movie with a cult following, and the reason why is simple: you won’t won’t find any other film with such a magical, festive atmosphere. This family comedy was filmed in the now distant year of 1990, but it’s still loved by people all around the world today.

This is what Disney princes would look like in real life

Many girls out there dream of one day meeting a tall handsome prince. Thanks to illustrator Jirka Väätäinen, who has reimagined all our favourite male heroes from the Disney films in stunning realistic detail, they can now have a much better image of what he ought to look like.

What the real Disney princesses looked like

Reality, as it turns out, is sometimes better than fairy tales—at least concerning Disney princesses by illustrator Jirka Väätäinen. He depicted them so cool!

The 20 greatest movies according to Quentin Tarantino

Tarantino’s obsession with cinematic history is something of a legend. Even before he became a renowned director, he worked at a video rental shop where he’d been spending his time devouring one movie after another. Now it’s been years since Tarantino’s distinctive style has won recognition from the public. He has even recently got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Nine heart-warming movies for a family night in

Family movies are in a special genre that brings the whole family together for a warm and relaxing evening.

Top 15 visually fascinating films

There are films that are so aesthetically perfect that they make it impossible for you to unglue your eyes from the screen. This can mostly be attributed to beautifully-shot scenes rather than excellent graphics and visual effects.

Ten captivating movies that will make you rethink everything you’ve ever known

There are some movies that you forget five minutes after watching them, and there are others that are just toxic to your mind. Some are the kind that leave you with a feeling of joy and peace, while others change you forever.

20 films to help you understand cinematography

To understand movies, one should watch them first; watch not only the modern ones, but also the classical ones. Old movies are not necessarily just boring lessons of history, they often make you think even more than modern ones.

10 intriguing, brain teasing movies

If you’ve seen ’Shutter Island’ or ’Fight Club’ so many times that you almost know them by heart, look no further for a new brain teasing masterpiece. Bright Side has made this selection for you!