Emilia Clarke Admits Why She Cried Before Filming Explicit Scenes With Jason Momoa

10 months ago

Game of Thrones undeniably became a popular and captivating series, capturing the attention of an entire generation. Emilia Clarke, who portrayed the iconic character Daenerys Targaryen, experienced both the benefits and drawbacks of her role. While her portrayal brought her widespread recognition and success, it also brought to light a flaw in her character that she hadn’t been aware of before joining the fantasy series.

At the beginning of the series, Clarke was very young.

At the young age of 23 and with limited screen experience, Emilia Clarke was cast as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones shortly after completing drama school. Looking back, she realizes that she couldn’t fully comprehend the show’s magnitude and impact on her life then. “The experience was so enormous and so all-consuming, and defines me at that young moment in my life.”

She was unaware of a significant aspect of her character’s role.

Emilia Clarke revealed in a podcast that she used to feel emotional and cry before filming intimate scenes with Jason Momoa. Surprisingly, she had accepted the role without being fully aware of these explicit scenes.

Looking back on that time, Clarke opened up about the situation during an interview, confessing, “I took the job, and then they sent me the scripts, and I was reading them, and I was like, ’Oh, there’s the catch!”

Although Emilia Clarke had concerns at first, she handled her role in a professional manner. Fortunately, Jason Momoa, who portrayed her character’s ill-fated husband, Khal Drogo, always made the situation more comfortable for her.

During the filming process, Jason Momoa showed great consideration toward others.

Emilia Clarke spoke in more detail about how Jason Momoa supported her during the difficult scenes. She thanked him for his kindness and expertise in the entertainment industry, which made her feel more at ease on set. Jason went the extra mile to ensure Emilia’s well-being, even requesting a robe when she was cold between scenes.

Emilia values Jason’s thoughtfulness and compassion as a fellow human being. She mentioned, “He was crying more than I was,” and feels fortunate to have had such a supportive co-star.

After her role in the series she grew and developed as an actress.

Jason Momoa’s thoughtfulness towards Emilia Clarke during filming demonstrates his professionalism and kindness. Creating a safe and comfortable environment for actors, especially during sensitive scenes, is crucial. Momoa’s actions showed that he prioritized Clarke’s well-being. It shows that maybe Khal Drogo’s tough exterior didn’t fully reflect Momoa’s true character.

Even with the difficulties she faced, Clarke acknowledges that Game of Thrones played a vital role in kickstarting her career and gaining widespread recognition. As she gained more experience, the actress became more assertive, advocating for her comfort on set. She made the decision to decline scenes that made her uneasy, despite facing pressure from others.

Clarke is not the only actor who has spoken about filming intimate scenes. Many actors, like Liam Neeson, have expressed their discomfort too. Neeson, known for his intense and dramatic performances, has openly shared his reluctance to shoot such scenes.


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