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12 Brave Celebrities Who Dyed Their Hair Bright Colors and Totally Rocked It

Pink, orange, purple, crimson, fuchsia, and neon green — many of us love bright colors on our clothes and accessories, but only the bravest can wear these colors in their hair. Famous people are no exception, and only the most courageous actors and singers pick the brightest colors of the rainbow to dye their hair with, shocking their fans over and over again.

Here at Bright Side, we admire people who can easily change their looks in such an extraordinary way, and we want to remind you of 12 celebrity women who died their hair bright hues more than once.

Katy Perry

Rita Ora

Gwen Stefani

Kelly Osbourne


Nicki Minaj

Avril Lavigne

Lily Allen


Lady Gaga

Christina Aguilera

Lil’ Kim

Have you ever dyed your hair unusual colors? Or maybe your hair is bright right now! Share the pictures of your glowing locks in the comments!

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