15 Famous Women Who Aren’t Bothered by a Bit of Body Hair

Body hair removal methods became popular for women in the twentieth century, and since then, smooth, hairless skin became the norm. But nowadays, more and more women are swimming against the current and embracing their natural bodies. Celebrities are often the ones leading the way, showing us that having hairy armpits or legs is nothing to be ashamed of.

We at Bright Side love to see when famous women embrace their natural beauty and prove that body hair removal should be a preference, not an expectation for women.

1. Sophia Loren

2. Madonna

3. Rowan Blanchard

4. Emma Watson

5. Alyssa Milano

6. Pixie Lott

7. Sarah Hyland

8. Michelle Rodriguez

9. Lola Kirke

10. Emma Roberts

11. Emily Ratajkowski

12. Alicia Keys

13. Bekah Martinez

14. Dua Lipa

15. Julia Michaels

Do you remove your body hair? Would you ever consider stopping doing it for good?

Preview photo credit emrata / Instagram
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