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15 Pics That Prove Not All Heroes Wear Capes

We all know that humans are inherently good, but every once in a while, we need a good story to remind us of how selfless and emphatic we can be. A stranger going out of their way to save a puppy in the woods, a bus driver who stops only to help a kid whose bicycle chain fell off — yep, real superheroes are living among us, and they don’t need capes to show it.

We at Bright Side were motivated to spread some positive vibes today, so we carefully handpicked these 15 photos of true unsung heroes that did good deeds without expecting anything in return.

1. “A Reddit stranger drove 2 hours and used his drone to recover my pup who was lost in the woods for 10 days.”

2. “I love my neighbors, man is good...”

3. The wooden pole had to be replaced by a concrete one, but the professionals preserved the toucan’s house...

4. “The guy who does the grass for my building left a rectangle of wildflowers so the bees can use them.”

5. “My toddler was really upset and thought Pooh had been lost forever until I noticed some kind Samaritan had put Pooh by the traffic lights.”

6. “I lost my baby and a stranger made me a bear of the same size and weight.”

7. “I noticed a pigeon was covered in sticky grease and gravel, so I took him home, cleaned him up, and released him the next morning.”

8. A bus driver saw a boy on the street crying. He couldn’t ride his bike because the chain had come off. The driver stopped the bus and fixed it on the spot.

9. “I was crying in a parking spot and went to buy some fro-yo. I caught a glimpse of a girl and dad in the car next to me. When I came back, their car was gone, but this was in my door handle.”

The note says: “Your fro-yo is on us. We hope tomorrow is a better day.”

10. “A local plant-based fast food joint where I live just added these to their menu. In a tough spot? Homeless? Can’t pay? No sweat. You love to see it.”

11. “Salary is $1 per month in Venezuela. After running out of food, 2 strangers helped me to buy some.”

12. “Yesterday, I helped this sweet girl get adopted. Her parents sent me this photo of her in their new home.”

13. “A Redditor helped me buy this suit and its accessories when I was short for a friend’s wedding.”

14. “My awesome mom helped to clean up 50 bags of trash from the Potomac River!”

15. My mom’s purse was stolen in the 80s. Today someone messaged her that they found it. The leather was all destroyed, but she is getting some cool keepsakes back.

Do you have a similarly heroic story or photo you’d like to share with us? Tell us all about it in the comments.

Preview photo credit CanisPecuarius / reddit
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