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18 People Who Achieved Personal Wins Despite Difficulties in 2021

Sometimes we forget to appreciate ourselves and our own achievements. It’s good to take a look back and praise yourself for every success that you had in 2021. There is nothing that can’t be fixed although you can face many difficulties and obstacles.

We at Bright Side are thankful for 2021 and our past experiences and we want to share the big and small achievements of different people that changed their life for the better.

1. “I really changed a lot these past 6-7 months.”

2. “Our dog went missing for 4 days, this is the moment we found her, thank you locals for helping!”

3. “The moment you realize that it was all worth it.”

4. “I can’t even recognize the old me.”

5. “In 1980, my late gran went back to uni to get her Honours in language studies and became a lecturer. I followed in her footsteps.”

6. “I met my mom’s oldest friends who had been cycling across Canada to raise funds for cancer research, so happy to be at his finish line!”

7. “After almost 6 years of growing my hair out, it was finally time for the big chop. Feeling great!”

8. “After 9 years of having only a mom, my son finally has a dad.”

9. “I no longer have high blood pressure, sleep apnea, or constant swelling and my self-confidence is soaring.”

10. “I had a wake-up call that I needed a life change 2 Thanksgivings ago.”

“So I lost weight and decided to run my first 5k on Thanksgiving morning this year!”

11. “10 months and still losing weight. It’s getting harder and harder, especially through the holidays.”

12. “I’ve just finished my first art installation as a professional artist.”

13. “A year and a half ago, I bought a bike and started riding it. Today, I finished my first sprint triathlon.”

14. “My cousin and her boyfriend are getting married after 17 years of being best friends.”

15. “A lot of hard work. I’m almost to my goal weight!”

16. “I have autism and various learning difficulties. Recently I got a full-time job, a full driver’s license, and a 2:1 degree at uni.”

17. “I finished carving my first female statue out of wood after 30 days of hard work.”

18. “After beating throat cancer, and losing his wife, my 72-year-old stepdad entered a mobile electronics car show and won first place.”

What was your biggest achievement for 2021? How difficult was this year for you?

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