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20 Children Who Inherited Charm From Their Famous Dads

Being a child of well-known parents brings many benefits and privileges — like inheriting their talent, charm, and charisma. Some of these kids grow up in the spotlight while others prefer to keep their personal lives to themselves. But one thing is for certain: when their DNA plays out, they turn out to be special, inside and out.

Bright Side is giving the famous phrase, “Like father, like son/daughter,” a reality check by collecting a list of people who resemble their famous parents and above all, their charming dads.

1. Alain and Alain-Fabien Delon

2. Bob and Ziggy Marley

3. Jamie and Corinne Foxx

4. Dustin and Jake Hoffman

5. Jay-Z and Blue Ivy

6. Matthew and Levi McConaughey

7. Kanye and North West

8. Julio and Enrique Iglesias

9. Stephen and Hailey Baldwin

10. Michael and Jeffrey Jordan

11. Robert and Drena De Niro

12. Eros and Aurora Ramazzotti

13. Ben and Ella Olivia Stiller

14. Kurt and Frances Bean Cobain

15. Antonio and Stella Banderas

16. Marvin and Nona Gaye

17. David and Tay Hasselhoff

18. Andy and Alessandra Garcia

19. Rob Schneider and Elle King

How much do you look like your dad? Share your pictures with us in the comments.

We all want to see those irresistible similarities!

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