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If You Ever Lose Something Valuable, Here’s Hope — A Stranger Became a Hero for 1 Lucky Lady

Picture this: you get home after a sunny day at the beach only to realize that the most cherished ring you’ve ever received from a loved one is not on your finger. You look around helplessly but come to the conclusion that it has vanished. We’ve all lost something that had sentimental value, and the sorrow that follows can leave a mark forever. The next story proves that the power of the Internet is limitless and when we hope for a miracle, someone somewhere is preparing to go on a mission to make our wish a reality.

On an early Monday afternoon, an Internet surfer (pun intended) lost her one-of-a-kind possession in the ocean — a ring her husband bought as a gift 8 years ago that was “very near and dear to my heart.”

Feeling down but trying to keep her spirits up, the woman posted a message to her local groups and let people know that in case someone found the lost item, someone was indeed looking for it. 2 days later, the woman received a message.

The woman frantically tried to remember where she was and what landmarks were around and drew a map. She explained the texture of the sand where she lost the ring, saying, “The sand goes between grainy slushy and talcum powder soft beneath your toes.” She made a rough sketch of the ring and sent that over. The man, having gathered all the clues necessary for a real-life treasure hunt, wrote back.

A couple of hours later, the man wrote again.

It was her ring! The woman called the number provided and a sweet older man and his wife answered sounding “almost as happy as I was that they were able to find it for me.” Picking up a thank you card and an appreciation gift, the woman rushed over to pick up her lost item.

Some stories really have a happy ending. And this one, in particular, shows that even if something is highly unlikely to happen, if you believe in it and send that energy out into the universe, the gears of the world start working to your advantage, and the odds turn out to be in your favor. Internet users were impressed by the tale of the woman’s lost ring and the hero with a map who found it, and here are the best reactions we gathered.

What’s one special item that you’ve lost that you’ll never forget? Where did you lose it and what did it mean to you? Let us know in the comments and maybe someone with a map will help you too.

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