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A Study Revealed How Much a Stay-at-Home Mom Should Earn per Year, and the Numbers Are Impressive

Being a stay-at-home parent is probably one of the most challenging jobs in the world. However, we often take this exhausting job for granted. A new annual report from Mom Salary Survey revealed how much a parent’s job is worth and how many other roles a mom or a dad plays when they take care of their offspring.

Here at Bright Side, we strongly believe that being a parent is like being a multi-handed, multi-headed creature who manages to cope with everything, and we’d love for you to find out about the payment that parents could receive for the dozens of jobs they do daily.

Being a stay-at-home parent is a complex duty.

We may have gotten used to thinking that being a stay-at-home parent is just being a mom or a dad who takes care of the kids, but this role is far more complex than it may seem. The online resource,, checked how many duties we have after a baby enters the family. Turns out, a mom is also a housekeeper, a dietitian, and a daycare teacher. Surprisingly, stay-at-home mothers also work as network administrators, social media communication managers, and even recreational therapists!

How much the all-in-one job costs

The Mom Salary Survey conducts research that tracks real-time salaries for all the jobs that moms do. In 2019, the suggested salary for an average mom was $178,201. There are around 30 duties that are all a part of a parent’s job, according to the survey. And it turns out that moms work as accountants, interior designers, buyers, logistics analysts, and even judges!

A 2021 survey has shown the highest salary figures.

The same survey was conducted in 2021, and 19,000 moms participated. The result turned out to be even more impressive. In 2021, being a mom or a dad is worth $184,820. And we can also count the additional money that companies offer, like bonuses, overtime, and hazard pay, so a stay-at-home parent could earn more than $200,000 annually.

This “parent fee” is now raising a huge debate.

Today, 1 in 5 parents in the US is a stay-at-home caregiver. More and more people acknowledge that looking after the kids is hard work that must be highly paid. Still, there’s no current program that would take the results of the Mom Salary Survey as a basis for offering moms and dads the full payment they deserve.

What are the professions that your job as a parent encompasses? Would you want to be paid for the parental duties that you perform?

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Please note: This article was updated in September 2021 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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