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Lady Gaga Looks Unrecognizable in a New Video: ’’Who Is This?’’

Fans can’t believe how different Lady Gaga looks in a candid video she just posted. The stunning 37-year-old, who looks transformed, is even getting mistaken for another big star in the industry.

She is looking radiant.

Lady Gaga posted a short video on TikTok where she is filmed twirling around and dancing to the tunes of the song Princess Diana by Ice Spice and Nicki Minaj.

The singer who was looking casual in a simple black tank top held a few of her line’s lipsticks in hand. She wrote in the caption of the video, ’’These NEUTRALS are HOT LIKE THIS RECORD’’ along with lipstick and lips emojis. She also tagged the brand and specified that she was wearing the maple matte shade on her lips.

But what really caught the attention of fans is the star’s physical transformation as they labeled her ’’Unrecognizable’’ and asked, ’’Who is this??’’

One person exclaimed, ’’This might not be Lady Gaga?? Am I crazy?’’ Another fan observed that her more natural and youthful appearance, along with the subtle glamour and absence of an extravagant outfit, made her resemble a “Lady Gaga lookalike” rather than the actual star herself.

She’s getting mistaken for Miley Cyrus.

Many of the A Star Is Born actress’s fans also compared her to 30-year-old Miley Cyrus.

One person commented, ’’Miley Cyrus cosplaying as Lady Gaga.’’ While another noted, ’’My mind is fighting over deciding whether this is Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga.’’

We think Lady Gaga’s unique charm and charisma shines through no matter what style she chooses to adopt. And we always admire her when she decides to go with an all-natural look, just like when she turned heads with her casual appearance at the Oscars.

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