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15+ People Who Couldn’t Be Any Luckier

"I'm a great believer in luck and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it," said Thomas Jefferson. But the people on this list hardly had to work at all to get their good fortune!

25 People Who Don’t Care About Anything

From time to time we all meet people who do something strange and just don’t care about other’s reactions. But there are some people whose “I don’t care” level is extremely high. These people decide to wash their car during a hurricane or continue hanging out after their car sank.

21 Human Actions That Put Common Sense to the Test

There are some people whose actions and decisions are nothing short of puzzling. For them, nothing is impossible! They can put their head in an aquarium to get a good a selfie or cut their friend's hair in a public place. And though their actions seem like they are beyond common sense, they never fail to make us laugh.

10 Founders of Worldwide Brands Who Don’t Usually Show Their Faces

Some founders of famous brands enjoy their fame and can be seen on magazine covers all over the world. But there are also those who prefer to stay out of the spotlight. Their success stories are just as impressive and we’d like to share them with you.

20 Pictures That Can Annoy the Entire Internet

Not everyone can be flipped out by crookedly laid tiles on a sidewalk — most of us don’t even pay attention to things like this. But life is full of little annoyances, which can even get on the nerves of those who don’t consider themselves perfectionists. For example, when a girl sitting in front of you on a bus or plane flips her long hair back over her seat. Or when a package marked “fragile” is delivered in a crumpled box.

20 People Who Cheered Everyone Up on the Subway

On the subway, you can meet just about anyone, from people in uniform and party costumes to bright and stylish characters. Each day they amuse, surprise, and even inspire us with their eccentric imagery. We'd like to show you some of the most unique people we could ever find on the subway.

13 Witty Comments From People Who Are Never at a Loss for Words

There are some people that just can't help writing comments on the internet because they need to let their wit and humor out. And their phrases become even more popular than the posts they comment on.

11 Celebrities Who Can Teach Anyone How to Combine Work and Raising Kids

It seems to many of us that a successful career and raising kids are two difficult things to combine. However, the heroes of our compilation prove the opposite. Not only did they manage to build a mind-blowing career, but also did everything to raise their children well. Let's look at how they're doing it.

People Post Truly Amusing Photos of a Sincere Hollywood Actor Doing Odd Things

Keanu Reeves is one of the few Hollywood actors who doesn’t live a super glamorous life. His life is rather simple: he rents an ordinary flat, wears the same outfit for several years, and doesn’t waste millions on yachts and parties. Besides, he doesn’t really care about the paparazzi chasing him all the time. In this Twitter entitled, Keanu Doing Things, you can find different shots of the most sincere actor doing the funniest things.

8 Things You Are Too Old for, and That’s Awesome

Many women are afraid of getting old, but aging has its advantages. Michelle Combs fought desperately against signs of aging for a very long time, as many others did before her, but when she turned 52, she decided she was done fighting it. Today, she is confident that stereotypes can ruin the quality of a person’s life, but the older we become, the easier it is to get rid of them. In her blog, Michelle wrote about the principles she completely removed from her life in order to become happier.

24 People Who Are Living in the Year 3019

“Living in 3017” was a phrase first used in May 2017 by the Twitter user, @MyFavTrash. We’ve put this phrase to good use in the compilation below. The tweet gained over 18,000 retweets and 41,000 likes!

18 Co-Stars Who Became Real-Life Friends. And Those Who Didn’t

As much as an audience wants to believe that the actors who play friends in movies and TV shows have a warm and friendly friendship off the set, it's not always the case. Sometimes, the actors do such a good job at pretending to be close that it's almost impossible to believe that they aren't actually the best of friends!

6 Curious Facts Your Appearance Can Say About You

Scientists have declared that physiognomy, the art of reading character from faces, is a fake science. However some researchers have proven that a face can deliver very important information about our personality. Carmen E. Lefevre from the University College London assures us that appearance is the product of genes, hormones, and lifestyle. This is why a human’s face can really be a mirror into our soul.

20 Smart-Ass People Who Deserve an A+ for Their Creativity

Despite what anyone might say, some people always do whatever they want. They find creative ways to cope with any problem, turning ordinary situations into hilarious ones!

15 Photos of Famous Models When They Were Just Casting Girls

Once, each popular model was just one of the ordinary girls who was trying to conquer the fashion business. Only professionals could have noticed future stars in them. And now, all of these girls who already have their own inimitable style are even more charming.

14 Facts About Celebs That Are Hard to Believe

The whole world watches the lives of the rich and famous. True fans know every detail of their idol’s biography and daily life. But there are some facts that these celebs try to hide or, on the contrary, talk about.

13 Neighbors You’re Lucky Not to Live Next To

“We only have one life and we should live it so that our neighbors are never bored.” It seems that some people take these words seriously and do everything they can to live up to this motto. Otherwise, there is no way to explain what’s going on here! Internet users share their stories about their neighbors and some of them are more scary than they are funny.

10 People Who Deserve an Oscar for Best Makeup

Girls know that makeup can do amazing things. But there are some makeup artists that are so talented with cosmetics and accessories, that they can literally turn someone into a completely different person.

24 Photos That Emit True Hopelessness

There are some situations that just seem to have no exit. And we wonder, is it a challenge or does the universe just want to troll us? At these moments, the only one thing we can do is just sit back and wait until the madness ends.

25 Photos That Can Touch Even Those Who Have a Heart of Stone

We're all occupied with our own problems and tasks and sometimes we just forget about the thousands of reasons around us to love this world.