10 Celebrities Who Suddenly Changed Their Hairstyle and Transformed Into a New Person

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Hair trends constantly change. But for 2023, experts predict that short bobs, chopped fringes, and unleashed layers or curls will be the dominant styles. And it’s always fun to experiment with our crowning glory, just like what these celebrities did when they decided to adopt a whole new hairdo and completely reinvent themselves.

1. Robert Downey Jr.

Iron Man’s — or Tony Stark’s, rather — new hairless look was courtesy of the actor’s children, Exton and Avri. He reportedly let them shave his head for an upcoming role.

2. Khloé Kardashian

face to face / FaceToFace / REPORTER / East News, © khloekardashian / Instagram

The reality TV star has traded her dark hair for a blonde do, and she’s been wearing it this way for quite some time. But she took the style up a notch when she opted for a more golden hue and topped it off with bangs that framed her face perfectly. On a funny note, this whole fringe vibe led some fans to confuse her with Taylor Swift.

3. Dixie D’Amelio

MARIA ALEJANDRA CARDONA / AFP / East News, © dixiedamelio / Instagram

The TikTok superstar dove in for a big chop and unveiled her buzzed haircut at New York Fashion Week in 2022. She said she was scared to do it at first, but Kendall Jenner’s support for the new look helped her gain the confidence to go for it.

4. Maisie Williams

Marechal Aurore / ABACA / Abaca / East News, © maisie_williams / Instagram

The Game of Thrones actress is known for switching up her hair every now and then. But she recently served her followers with another bold look, this time, with a completely shaved head. Is there any hairstyle that this girl can’t rock?

5. Ireland Baldwin

face to face / FaceToFace / REPORTER / East News, © irelandirelandireland / Instagram

The model shared that her lovely tresses were harmed by years of bleaching. And her way of pressing the “refresh” button on her strands was to cut most of it. “I feel more beautiful than ever,” she said about her new look.

6. Simu Liu

Invision / Invision / East News, © simuliu / Instagram

The man behind the Marvel superhero, Shang-Chi, seemingly reverted back to his younger years when he shared his bleached strands. He also poked fun at his new “do” in his Instagram post, and captioned it, “Sorry Ma, please don’t kill me.”

7. Vanessa Hudgens

Invision / Invision / East News, © vanessahudgens / Instagram

The High School Musical star surprised everyone when she completely morphed into a new person thanks to her blonde hair and bleached eyebrows. Even Hudgens herself joked about getting confused about who she was in her Instagram caption.

8. Jojo Siwa

Image Press Agency / Sipa USA / East News, © itsjojosiwa / Instagram

The YouTube star chopped off her signature ponytail and went for a shaved pixie cut. She shared the trimming session on TikTok and described the final look as “amazing.”

9. Jenna Ortega

Collin Xavier/Image Press Agency ABACA/Abaca/East News, © jennaortega / Instagram

In recent red carpet-events, the actress seemed to be channeling her inner Wednesday when it came to her outfits and overall look. But she has proven that she can still serve us a more grunge aesthetic by going for a short, auburn-dyed wolf cut.

10. Jason Momoa

Invision / Invision / East News, GilbertFlores@Broadimage / Broad Image / East News, © maineikinimaka / prideofgypsies / Instagram

One of the first things that come to mind when we hear the name “Jason Momoa” is his long, glorious mane. But that will have to change, since the actor chopped off his long strands in the name of advocacy. In this Instagram video, he shared the hair transformation process and used the opportunity to talk about “cutting” (pun intended) single-use plastics out of our lives.

Who are some other celebrities that you think we should include on this list? Which of these hairstyles would you like to try?

Preview photo credit Invision / Invision / East News, GilbertFlores@Broadimage / Broad Image / East News


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