10+ Photos That Show Many Things Are Changing Right Before Our Eyes

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Time, indeed, flies fast. At least that’s what science says. As we get older and more familiar with the world, our brain processes moments a lot slower than when we were younger. Thus, precious memories and changes seem to float away in our midst. This might seem true as we reminisce about the past with various pieces of information from the present.

Bright Side is always fascinated by how things change in the nick of time. That’s why we gathered some news we read that might boggle your mind.

1. Glaciers in the Swiss Alps are now covered with blankets.

Joana Kruse / agefotostock / East News, FABRICE COFFRINI / AFP / East News

The beautiful, frozen Swiss Alps have been home to artistic inspirations because of their picturesque views. However, this place hasn’t been that majestic recently, as the Earth is experiencing more and more heat waves and a warmer climate. With that, people from Switzerland decided to conserve the remaining ice-covered mountains by staving the sunlight with polyester fleece.

2. The dead sea is slowly being consumed by salt.

KHALIL MAZRAAWI / AFP / East News, AA / ABACA / Abaca / East News

The Dead Sea is a majestic salt lake in the Mediterranean, boasting hypersaline water that renders anyone who treads it to float over the surface. However, its magic might be literally dying as the waters continuously and dramatically evaporate at 3 feet yearly, leaving more salt exposed.

3. Owls recently changed their colors to adjust to warmer climates.

mikelane45 / easyfotostock / Eastnews, SUSANNAH IRELAND / AFP / East News

Tawny owls are a species of woodland owls that are common in colder regions. They are born with grayish or light brown feathers with dark streaks. Lately, scientists have observed that the owls have developed darker undertones in their plumage to cope with warmer winters. They found that the brown tawny owls had increased in population, while the gray ones were decreasing.

4. Southeast Asian beaches have been spotless for a while.

SONNY TUMBELAKA / AFP / East News, AP / Associated Press / East News

Southeast Asia is full of dazzling tropical scenery, and one of its prized possessions is its beaches and coasts. But as their popularity has grown, tourists have taken advantage of them and left them polluted.

However, it’s never too late for a glow-up, and a few of these beaches have undergone rehabilitation to clear the plastic trash left behind. The waters and coasts are now clear for swimming, surfing, and kayaking.

5. Large fries aren’t offered anymore in some places.

Matthias Balk / DPA / East News, Matthias Balk / DPA / East News

Many French fry enthusiasts were devastated when the news broke about the global potato shortage, that caused several food service providers to tweak their menus and adjust serving sizes due to the high demand for the starchy crop. Sadly, even fast-food giant McDonald’s cut large fries from the menu in a few countries and offered only regular fries.

6. Clouds are getting thinner day by day.


You know it’s a good day with there’s enough shade to cool off the sun’s heat. However, these natural sunblocks are probably fading away faster as the atmosphere warms. Researchers say that the blanketing effect of clouds might soon change and warm the Earth more than they cool it.

7. The Yangtze River stopped running almost entirely.

The Yangtze River, one of China’s most prominent and Asia’s longest rivers, has provided water to 400 million Chinese people over the years. However, it has lost its richness and surge in the last 3 months and has dried up more recently. Studies claim this has been a record-breaking drought for the river.

8. The Maldives will soon finish building its floating city.

© Nattu / Wikimedia Commons, © CC BY 2.0, Maldives Floating City / Ferrari Press / East News

Across the Maldives, islands with refreshing villas and destinations await tourists to lounge in. But over time, the glory of these atolls is threatened by rising sea levels, as they’re just built over corals. The Maldivian government decided to take matters into its own hands and started building an eco-friendly and climate-proof floating city to combat any apparent rise in the waters.

9. Items are now sold in smaller packages for the same price.

As consumerism creeps its way into society, big-name companies have slowly opted to sell their products in downsized forms to adjust profit margins. People refer to this as shrinkflation, where rising inflation rates meet the reduced quality of items. In 2022, shrinkflation is evident with smaller packaging.

10. The Taj Mahal was almost completely covered in fog.

AA / ABACA / Abaca / East News, PAWAN SHARMA / AFP / East News

The world heritage site is home to a million memories from tourists who were enamored by its beauty. Besides its charm, thick smog has recently shrouded the place, rendering it almost invisible to the human eye. The pollution has also caused the palace’s white marble to turn yellow.

11. More humans own more than one pet at home.

From the selection of pets that has increased in households globally, a rise of friendly canines and felines truly proves that they are man’s best friends. There is an apparent rise in dog and cat ownership in the United States from 2019 compared to 2022. Dogs and cats in US homes have increased from 67% to 70% in the last 3 years.

12. Giant pandas have bounced back from being endangered.

Even though they appear on our Internet feed almost every day because of their sheer cuteness, giant pandas were actually declared endangered by wildlife experts nearly 3 decades ago. But because of the unwavering efforts of panda conservationists, these furry friends were ticked off the endangered list.

13. More and more people have poor vision.

In 2021, a total of 2.2 billion people worldwide were reported to have poor eyesight. This was a stark difference from 2020 data, which included half of that number, 1.1 billion people. Experts point out that lifestyle changes over time force us to strain our eyes, contributing to impaired vision.

What changes have you experienced recently that blew your mind? How did they impact you?

Preview photo credit AA / ABACA / Abaca / East News, PAWAN SHARMA / AFP / East News


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