10+ Pics That Prove Nature Is Really Capable of Anything

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Nature is complex and capable of acting in mind-boggling ways. The glory of nature is one thing that never ages. It always has something breathtaking in store for us, ready to be found and captured on camera.

Nature’s wonders will always remain unmatched, from bizarre yet beautiful things to an unexpected turn of events. Let’s take a look at our 15 finds today.

1. “My hair froze in minutes this morning in −36°F.”

2. “2 lemons merged together.”

3. “This tree looks like a creature is trying to escape out of it.”

4. “Double rainbow”

5. “Nodules containing nitrogen fixing bacteria on the roots of a pea plant from our garden”

6. “These snails that grouped together on a tree during rainy weather”

7. “There’s a tiny palm tree growing out of this water drain.”

8. “I was shoveling and I found perfectly frozen paw prints.”

9. “This lemon grew surrounding another one.”

10. “Snow melted over bushes in this parking lot. Made some nice dimples.”

11. “This tree growing through my shed”

12. “Ice on top of a mailbox looks like fur.”

13. “This flower’s shadow looks like a bee.”

14. “If you overwater wheat grass, it tries to expel the excess from its tip.”

15. “An abandoned building overtaken by nature in the middle of the city of Kolkata, India”

What was the last thing that nature surprised you with? Did you happen to take a photo? Share it in the comments!

Preview photo credit The-Instructor / Reddit


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