10+ Pics You Won’t See the Same Way Again

8 months ago

A cool thing about pictures is how they can totally mess with your head through perspective. You might think you’re looking at one thing, but with clever angles and framing, the image can trick your brain. It’s like a visual magic trick, making stuff seem bigger, smaller, or in a whole different place. It’s like a cool mind-bending adventure where what you see isn’t always what you get. Perspective in photos is like a sneaky artist, playing with your imagination.

1. “Goblin spying on me during plane trip”

2. “Pumping up the cat”

3. “I have all the fingers on my right hand.”

4. “The Ring”

5. “My grandma sent me this photo”

6. “Building paint is the same as the sky almost”

7. “A picture of my friends”

8. Asked: “I wonder what they’re doing to the Empire State Building?” These are 10 blocks apart.

9. “The superman course”

10. “Small car or big guy?”

11. “Had to double take walking out of the elevator today.”

12. “A man in front of a fountain”

13. “Me and my wife”

14. Matchy-matchy with the carpet

Sometimes, the way we see and understand the world can become perplexing. Our brains, which usually make sense of the world around us, can become baffled when our perspective is distorted.

Preview photo credit HeavyLoungin / Reddit


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