10 Things Doctors, Travelers, and Lifeguards Don’t Advise Wearing on a Plane

4 years ago

In 2019, the world record may have been set for the number of travelers that chose a plane as their means of transportation. Since January, more than 4.6 billion passengers have used planes. Of course, for many people, the airport and the plane are almost like their second home. These people know a lot of secrets that may help improve comfort and safety during the flight. As it turns out, sometimes, even the seemingly unimportant details matter, like clothing and shoes.

We at Bright Side have reviewed the experience of travelers and read the recommendations from pilots and doctors, and we are ready to share the secrets we found about the proper dress code for the flight.

Tight clothes

A flight is a type of stress on the body. And our blood vessels are under most of that stress. The reason behind this is the pressure changes and the necessity to spend a long time in a fairly small chair. What makes matters worse is tight clothing. As a result of wearing something too tight, blood circulation becomes less effective. Doctors even have a special term for this — economy class syndrome.

By the way, this syndrome can even develop if you fly with your own jet. Once, Lady Gaga had to change her clothes because the flight attendants asked her to. Her extravagant costume could’ve caused some serious health problems when the plane gained altitude. In this situation, doctors recommend that passengers choose looser clothes and wear compression socks.

When pursuing maximum comfort, don’t forget: loose things are good with doctors, but not always with security. Passengers in overly loose pants and big hoodies may be hiding something illegal under their clothes, so security at the airport is always more attentive to them.

Also, when choosing clothes, you should opt for natural fabrics. Synthetics may irritate the skin on the dry air of the plane. And synthetics are not the best choice in case of a fire.


Another recommendation is to give up on anything with a tight waist. Again, the reason is the pressure. By not wearing them, passengers will allow a few extra inches for their waist. Go ahead and send your favorite pair of jeans away with your baggage.

Regular-sized bra

One more side-effect of flying by plane that many experienced travelers know about is light swelling. Few people think about the right underwear for the flight. However, a very tight bra can make the entire flight torturous — the straps will just press on your back and shoulders. The models with metal parts are also not the best idea. A metal scanner can see them at the airport. The best choice is a sports bra.


Loose jumpsuits may seem like a good choice for the airport, at first sight, but only until you have to go to the restroom for the first time. It is not very fun to get entangled in your straps in this non-sterile place. The same goes for other clothes that have inconvenient zippers and stuff like that.

Low-waist pants

Thousands of people travel through airports every day. Hundreds of passengers have sat on the same seats before you. On the seatbelt alone, there are at least 90 different kinds of bacteria in one square centimeter. There is even a chance of getting infected with a skin disease or an intestinal virus on the plane.

Because there are so many germs in this public place, the most important recommendation is to cover as much of your skin as possible. Don’t wear T-shirts, put away your shorts, skirts, and pants with a low waist that leave your lower back open.

New sneakers

Remember that there is a chance your legs will swell: choose shoes that you know are comfortable because you have worn them before. Even the most comfortable new sneakers may become too tight when you are in the air. Also, shoes for the flight should be closed-toe shoes. You will have to stand in lines, get through the crowds of people, and so on. Be ready for this. Slippers or open sandals are not good options because you might hurt your feet. And shoes that are hard to put on and take off will cost you a lot of time during the security check. Also, don’t forget about socks — they will keep you warm when it gets cold onboard.

Shoes with heels

Even if you were born to walk on the runway and you always wear high heels, you should give up on them during the flight. This is not about comfort, it’s about safety. In case of evacuation, you won’t be able to walk fast in high heels or take them off if there’s an emergency. Also, heels could break the slide that is used in case of an emergency landing.

Clothes with buckles and other pieces made of metal

In different airports, scanners detect different amounts of metal. A scanner might even see the metal zip lock on your clothes or a big hairpin. Experienced travelers say that these devices might even be able to detect piercings.

Clothes from the stop-list of a particular airline

Many companies have their own lists of restrictions. For example, some companies don’t allow ladies to wear leggings on board. If your clothes are too revealing or if there are some insulting words on them, you may be not allowed on board. So, it is best to study the rules of the company you are flying with in order to avoid an awkward situation.


Of course, perfume is not clothing, but it is part of your image anyway. Before the flight, try to avoid the temptation to try all the scents in duty-free. This is because we should respect other passengers and care about your and their health. An unknown perfume may cause an unpredictable reaction in you and other people. Asthma or an allergic reaction are not the best things to experience during a flight.

Bonus: Just one thing can solve 3 problems at once.

Your outfit should have many layers. First, it could be pretty cold on the plane during the flight. Second, in case there is smoke on the plane, you will have something to cover your face with. And finally, if your baggage is lost, you won’t have to wear just a T-shirt in a cold foreign country. A universal solution is a big scarf. But there is a trick: you need to wear it correctly. Don’t tie it around or wrap your neck with it. In case of evacuation, there’s a risk of getting a serious injury.

We were impressed by Lady Gaga’s experience and now we will be more careful when packing. What life hacks for long-distance trips do you have?


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