10 Things That Prove It’s Better to Choose Quality Over Quantity

We tend to save on simple things, like hats or socks. However, cheap products are usually made from low-quality materials, which can affect your comfort. We found at least 10 things you shouldn’t skimp on to enjoy their comfort in the future.

Warm socks

The purpose of socks is to keep our feet warm in cold weather and absorb sweat. Some people even prefer them to house slippers, so choose socks wisely.

A mixture of wool and acrylic will keep you warm in winter. And there are also socks made of merino wool — they perfectly retain heat and absorb and remove moisture from the skin. This is an ideal option, although products made from merino wool are not cheap.

You will indeed feel warm in socks made of pure wool, but this rough, often scratchy material will make your feet itchy. At the same time, socks made of plush materials (which contain polyester) are not warm, although pleasant to the touch.


People don’t usually think about the quality of the insoles in their shoes. They wear them and buy new ones after the factory insoles have worn out. Many shoe manufacturers, by the way, don’t tend to think about it either. As a rule, they make insoles with minimal foot support. Due to this, your legs may feel tired when wearing them, and your shoes will wear out faster.

If you wear shoes that are not tailor-made, it makes sense to buy good insoles. As a rule, they can be purchased at a specialized store where a consultant can assist you, or even at the doctor’s office (if you have specific health issues).

Of course, you will have to pay more for these insoles, but your feet will feel much more comfortable. And for the cold winters, special fur insoles will keep you warm and cozy.

Phone case

Modern smartphones are pretty expensive. Therefore, your device needs a good case to protect it from mishaps. It’s great if the cover is comfortable and pleasant to the touch, but the material from which it’s made deserves special attention.

Silicone and rubber are more likely to absorb the shock if you accidentally drop your phone. While plastic covers don’t absorb the shock well, they won’t provide the necessary protection.

Face cream

Even oily skin needs to be moisturized, especially in the wintertime. It’s best not to save on it and buy a thicker cream for the cold season, which contains the right amount of nutrients. Budget options may be useless.

In winter, many people forget to protect their skin from the sun. However, the sun can damage the skin, even in the colder seasons. Some moisturizers contain sunscreen. They can be more costly, but health is more important.

Office chair

A comfortable office chair is necessary not only at work, but also at home. After all, we tend to sit at a computer even after a long working day. And for those who work remotely, this is simply a must-have.

An uncomfortable chair can lead to back, neck, and shoulder problems. First, you should pay attention to the adjustable backrest, lumbar support, and upholstery material. The fabric should be breathable, not too firm, but also not too soft.

Cooking pans

Many save on pots and pans or even use ones inherited from their grandmothers. But even non-professional cooks know it’s much more convenient to cook in pots of premium quality.

In cheap pans, food often sticks and burns because heat distributes unevenly. In addition, good pots will last for years, making them fun to cook with.

When choosing a pan, take the material it’s made from and your stove into account. For example, avoid copper pans if you have an electric or ceramic stove.

Bed linens

Many people choose bed linens made from cotton because it’s natural and relatively inexpensive. Alas, bedding made from this material is not as good as it seems. Cotton perfectly absorbs moisture, creating a comfortable environment for the reproduction of various microorganisms (hello, allergies). In addition, this material wears out quickly.

It’s better to choose silk bedding. It’s more costly, but this material is hypoallergenic, more durable, and very pleasant to the touch.


During the cold season, the air at home becomes drier. And in conditions of low humidity, many microorganisms spread faster. But a humidifier can solve all these problems. Many people already have one but don’t know of its benefits. Perhaps there’s something wrong with the device in this case.

There’s no point in buying a simple, cheap humidifier — it’s best to choose more modern models. They are less noisy and some even have an air humidity sensor that turns the device off when the optimum humidity level is reached.

You should also tend the device regularly and prevent mold formation. Therefore, when buying one, you should pay attention to how easy it is to clean.


Thick curtains are essential, but many people rarely think about them. The human brain perceives light even during sleep — if there is too much of it in a room, the heart rate quickens. And this can lead to adverse health consequences.

It’s better to choose blackout curtains since they block almost 100% of light coming from outside. This will make it easier for you to fall asleep, and your eyes will become well-rested in a dark room.


A hat, of course, can be a great fashion accessory, but in the cold season, its main task is to keep you warm. A hat made of wool or cotton is best. But pure wool is relatively coarse and can cause irritation, making your forehead itchy, and wearing a cotton hat is bad for your hair. The ideal option is merino wool or a mixture of acrylic and wool.

What things do you prefer never to save on?

Preview photo credit barb howe / Flickr, CC BY 2.0


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