11 People Who’ve Chosen to Live Life on Their Own Terms, No Rulebook Required

2 weeks ago

The human brain is a marvel, capable of wondrous feats and the most fascinating endeavors imaginable. Today, we’ve assembled a group of people who astoundingly push others to go above and beyond. Get ready to be amazed and maybe a little bewildered!

1. «Our mailman wears a solar powered hat with a fan.»

2. «My father fell against the wall and framed it.»

3. «Lady with lace safety vest.»

4. «The way this person wraps his ear around his phone to hear his call better.»

5. «My dad baked whole eggs into a loaf of bread.»

6. «This restaurant has their salt and pepper in pill form.»

7. «Someone in my neighborhood vandalized their own property.»

8. «I added onion when cooking pasta and it organised into a spiral.»

9. «I have stickers on my suitcase... someone added this one last time I flew.»

10. «I never told the server at olive garden to stop, so she gave me extra blocks of cheese to go.»

11. «My girlfriend’s vitamins have tiny beads inside them.»

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