10 Tips That Can Help You Smell Like a Rose Without Expensive Perfume

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There are about 400 different types of receptors in our nose that help us feel different smells, from pleasant to disgusting. Scientists have found that we don’t just use our sense of smell to find out whether food has gone bad or not. Scents help us choose a suitable partner, know the approximate age of a person and understand whether they are sick or not. So, it’s no wonder that many of us want to smell nice. We decided to put together tips that can help you with this.

It’s worth limiting the amount of red meat and dairy products in your diet.

According to scientists, the food that most often appears on our table can affect the odor of our sweat. For example, red meat contains a large amount of fatty acids, and if the body is unable to break down these substances, the smell of sweat can become suffocatingly acrid.

Cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli and Brussels sprouts, can also cause a lot of trouble. If the sulfur in them reaches the bacteria living on the surface of the skin, they begin to produce an unpleasant smell of rotten eggs. In addition, the body of some people is not able to fully process the substance trimethylamine, which is found in beans, eggs and milk. As a result, this organic compound is excreted through the pores, leaving the person with a musty, fishy body odor.

You don’t need to completely change your regular diet without a nutritionist’s recommendation, but you can try to reduce the amount of certain foods in your diet. Some researchers suggest that activated charcoal can neutralize bad odor. Others suggest eating more fiber and fresh fruit. Many dermatologists suggest taking edible peppermint essential oil, as it can improve the odor of sweat.

  • I use only unscented products, but I am vegetarian and eat a ton of fruits and vegetables, avoid fried foods, salt, sugar, and alcohol. And I’m always complimented for my smell. © CallMeTen / Reddit

Don’t drink too much coffee.

Our bodies begin to emit an unpleasant odor when bacteria on the surface of the skin come into contact with sweat. Drinks containing caffeine, such as coffee and tea, stimulate certain sweat glands, the body produces more fluid, which means that the chances are that your sweat will smell stronger.

Water, on the other hand, helps to get rid of unpleasant odor. When the body is dehydrated, all the odors released only become stronger, especially those coming from the mouth. Some experts suggest drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated.

  • I smell better if I drink lemon water. Both of my dentists have advised me this. It kind of has something to do with the acid in these fruits. © Larkfor / Reddit

You should take care of your clothes properly.

Sometimes the odor doesn’t come from our bodies, but from our clothes. For this reason, sweaty clothes should be washed inside out, so that the detergent can better deal with the substances containing unpleasant odors. If your clothes smell too bad, you can simply soak them in a vinegar solution before washing.

But it’s better to get rid of laundry conditioner. It covers the fabric with a thin film which prevents air circulation. Because of this, people sweat more, and bacteria that emit unpleasant odors multiply faster.

Don’t tuck clothes tightly when putting them in the wardrobe. This disrupts air circulation inside and causes clothes to damp quickly. For the same reason, don’t store toiletries in plastic containers. Activated charcoal can help the situation, but it’s better to just leave a small space between items.

  • Some people leave their clothes in the washer. And then your clothes smell like mildew. And after a while, they don’t smell the mildew anymore, but other people do. © curryp4n / Reddit

It’s best to stop using antibacterial soap.

No matter how thoroughly we wash in the shower, some bacteria still remain on our skin. This is not a bad thing, because this microbiome forms the natural scent that many people around us find attractive. Therefore, you shouldn’t use antibacterial soap too often.

This cosmetic product can disrupt the natural balance and destroy useful microorganisms which will be replaced by harmful bacteria. And this leads to the appearance of unpleasant odor. It’s better to choose a mild, gentle soap.

  • I shower 2-3 times a week, unscented soap and cocoa butter lotion. But I constantly have people telling me I smell nice or that I smell like cookies. I truly do not understand why. © ilikepieilikecake / Reddit

You need to properly dry yourself after showering.

After taking a shower, you should thoroughly blot your entire body with a clean towel, paying particular attention to the areas that usually sweat the most. The bacteria that are responsible for the release of unpleasant odor appear most quickly in a humid environment, so don’t put on your clothes when your body is still wet.

Regular exercise also helps.

We associate intense exercise with sweat production, so it seems unlikely that exercise is going to give our bodies a nice scent. But researchers claim that regular sweating can bring back your skin’s natural odor. The more often sweat clears the glands, the nicer the smell.

Not all floral fragrances are pleasant.

Scent is one of the things that we use to assess whether we like a person or not. A study has shown that people whose scents are similar feel more sympathy for each other and develop warm relationships faster. So our desire to smell pleasant to other people is reasonable.

Surprisingly enough, one of the experiments showed that most men like women’s natural odor. Moreover, the higher the level of estrogen in the body of a lady, the more attractive her aroma. At the same time, men are not very fond of floral fragrances. The exceptions are lily of the valley, rose oil and vanilla scents.

Lack of sleep can affect your body odor too.

Body odor is also affected by a person’s state of mind. If you are nervous, under constant stress or lack of sleep, the odor can become unpleasant. At the same time, the use of aromatic substances in the bedroom may help you fall asleep. Lavender and chamomile fragrances are best for calming. And if you put aromatic oils on clean sheets and pillows, you will smell nice after a night’s rest, too.

  • I started using aromatherapy to help with my insomnia and make the room more comfortable but noticed I started to get more compliments on my smell with people asking about perfume. I realized it was the spray rubbing onto my skin and hair while I slept, giving me a faint hint of vanilla, which mixed well with the coconut shampoo and conditioner I use. © TheOvenCoven / Reddit

You don’t have to carry a big bottle of perfume around with you.

It’s not necessary to spray perfume several times a day. First, it’s not really convenient to carry a large bottle in your purse, and second, too strong odor will simply knock others off their feet rather than arouse sympathy.

Some people recommend having a few cotton discs soaked in perfume. And if necessary, gently wipe necessary areas with them, like wrists or neck. This not only saves perfume, but also maintains a pleasant odor at a proper level. It’s also worth letting the perfume dry completely before leaving the house, otherwise the fragrance will quickly wear off.

  • I like when people around me say that I smell nice. But if I receive compliments like this from strangers, I realize that I’ve probably used too much perfume. © haircritter / Reddit

It’s worth giving up conventional antiperspirants.

Not all deodorants work in the same way. Some of them contain special substances that reduce the number of bacteria. The use of these products leads to the fact that the microflora in the armpit area is disturbed. In some people, this results in an increased production of microorganisms that produce bad odors.

If this is the case, experts recommend using probiotic deodorants, which destroy only «bad» bacteria and thus eliminate unpleasant odor. Some people prefer to make deodorant themselves from apple cider vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice, which has the same effect. But this deodorant should be used with caution because it can cause a burn.

  • To smell good, I use deodorant not only on my armpits, but also around my breasts, the arches of my feet and the inside of my thighs. © Larkfor / Reddit

And here are a few tips of how to use perfume for better results.


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