10 Unexpected Things That Came Back to Us From the Past Like a Boomerang

2 years ago

In the past, many bright minds existed and created some extraordinary things. And no matter how unbelievable it might sound, considering all the technology available today, many of the new-to-us inventions existed hundreds of years ago.

We at Bright Side were shocked to find out that many new inventions resemble old ones and decided to share them with you.

1. Pinkert navigating tricycle — water tricycle

The water bike was invented around the year 1890. The machine consisted of 3 hollow, air-tight wheels with paddles fixed upon their exterior. The inventor attempted to cross the English Channel from Cape Gris-Nez, France to Folkestone England. The distance was only about 25 miles, but it was still quite difficult for navigation because the machine was small.

A very similar-looking tricycle is used nowadays to traverse rivers, lakes, and beaches with ease. The innovative design and durable materials make this tricycle easy to operate compared to the Pinkett navigating tricycle that was invented in the past.

2. Glasses for reading in bed

The Hamblin glasses, also known as lazy glasses, were designed back in 1936. Their purpose was to make it easier for people to read without having to pile up pillows under their heads when laying in bed. While the first created model never took off, we can find them on the market today, and for a very affordable price.

3. Portable sauna

Even though sweating in portable saunas is a rising trend now, it turns out that they were actually invented long before we thought. And the image of the man reading while sweating in the sauna at the same time, taken in 1955, is proof of that.

4. Television eyeglasses — VR

similar device to a virtual reality headset was built by Hugo Gernsback even before it was cool. He invented the television glasses in 1936 but, unfortunately, they were dismissed as impractical. After all, he was way ahead of his time as virtual reality headsets are now selling like crazy.

5. Pedal boat — hydrocycle

The earliest record of a pedal boat is believed to be a diagram of a craft driven by 2 pedals created by Leonardo da Vinci. However, the oldest picture we could find was the one from 1930 taken at a Stockholm exhibition.

Nowadays, similar-looking hydro bicycles are used and are becoming a rising trend.

6. Motor scooter — electric scooter

The Autoped, also known as a motor scooter or motorized scooter, was manufactured from 1915-1922 by the Autoped Company of Long Island City, New York. This motor scooter was patented in 1916, and even though it was quite efficient at that time, it was not widely distributed.

However, nowadays, electric scooters are used by many people, and you can see them on almost every sidewalk.

7. Dishwasher

The first-ever mechanical dishwashing device was invented and patented in 1850. The machine was made out of wood and it had to be cranked by hand while water would spray the dishes. Several years later, in 1865, a patent was granted to a very similar device only with a hand-cranked rack system.

Back then, this device was not accepted because it wasn’t that practical for use. But nowadays, it’s basically hard to imagine a household without a dishwasher.

8. Hydrocycle — pedal boat

The hydrocele was a bicycle-like watercraft. This machine dates back to the 1870s and it was operated with a crank and pedals. Today, the pedal boats closely resemble this machine, and it’s mostly used by young adults for fun.

9. Menstrual cups

In the 1860s and 1870s, the first prototypes of menstrual cups were patented. Even though the designs were innovative, the majority of them didn’t make it on the market. In 1937, American actress Leona Chalmers designed and patented the first contemporary menstruation cups, which were very similar to the cups we use today.

10. Treadmill

The first patent for a treadmill as a training machine was granted in 1913. It was designed for exercising and also to help in diagnosing lung and heart diseases.

Do you know any other devices invented in the past that are very similar to the ones we use nowadays? Which of these inventions surprised you the most?

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Quite a few surprised me but the most was the early Dishwasher, the fact it was so far ahead of it's time! WOW!


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