12 Bizarre Tips for Those Who Think Outside the Box

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2 months ago

Ready to discover some life hacks that are low-key useful but high-key strange and ridiculous? Let’s go!

You wake up feeling brave and dangerous! You’re going to wear an all-white shirt on your morning walk to work whilst drinking your Americano! But the plan backfires as you spill the coffee all over yourself! So you’ve instantly just gone from feeling like a ferocious polar bear to a helpless white furry puppy. But no worries: all you need is a black marker, make sure it’s not permanent, and a world map.

Find a place that shows you a set of islands! Why not use the Bahamas? Now, add some contouring using your marker. Write the word ‘Bahamas’ outside of the stains. And voilà! Those coffee stains on your shirt now represent one of the most famous sets of islands in the world. You’ve just transformed a fashion disaster into a funky, stylish masterpiece! Now go get yourself another coffee!

Have you ever looked up at the Moon, convinced that there was a face looking back at you? Most of us have, which is weird given that the Moon is nearly 250,000 miles away from Earth. This supposed face, of course, is just an illusion. It’s shaped by the dark splotches of lunar maria. These are smooth plains formed from the lava of ancient volcanic eruptions.

I want to show you a life hack that will allow you to feel like this famous face of the Moon. All you need is an empty roll of toilet paper and your phone! Oh, and that beautiful face of yours! Simply put your face near the hole of the toilet roll and your phone — beneath the bottom hole! All that’s left to do is snap a picture and take a peek!

Next up, are you a snacker? You just can’t stand going into business meetings or classrooms where you’re not supposed to eat? I might have found a solution if you’re someone who likes cheese. All you need is a chapstick tube! An empty one.

Simply fill up the empty tube with cheese, and just like that, you have a discrete cheese dispenser at your mercy. It’s estimated that over 65% of people use lip balm. Some use it daily; others carry it around with them just in case their lips get dry! Who’s going to suspect you’re actually munching on cheese if you pull a lip balm container out?

On average, for those who manage to actually fall asleep on planes, 61% will experience a below-average sleep! A lot of people have trouble falling asleep there altogether. But it’s not impossible if you can replicate a sound sleeping environment! I present to you a Sleeping Mask!

Just grab a hair bobble, bring all of your long hair to the front and tie it as normal! It’s literally like having a set of curtains over your face! Which is what we need since the absence of light will send a signal to our bodies that it’s time to rest!

According to research, two out of every three Americans name popsicles among their favorite foods to eat during the summer. Who can blame them! It’s delicious! The only problem? How quickly it melts! But I’ve got something that’s going to help out all of us popsicle lovers! All you need is a popsicle of your choice and.... A cupcake wrapper? That’s right!

When you take your popsicle out of the freezer, it’s in a solid state because the particles that conform to it are together! As the heat increases, which, in 99% of cases, is the moment it leaves the freezer, these particles begin to loosen and melt. With each drip from your popsicle comes a tear from your eye.

Now it’s time to wipe those tears away! All you have to do is pop the popsicle stick through the cupcake wrapper. The wrapper will then catch any of the drips that drop from your popsicle! Or any tears of joy that drops from your face! Let them soak in the wrapper whilst you soak up the sun and enjoy your popsicle care-free!

One in every three Super Bowl parties have chips laid out for their guests! And there’s a good chance you might serve some to your friends that are currently on their way over! But what flavor will they like? If you only have one kind of potato chip brand at your house, no problem. Let’s spice this up.

To give your friends a wide range to choose from, you’re going to lay them out in a muffin tin! Just fill each hole with a different type of condiment! Your friends are going to think you’re the best host ever! Research has revealed that salsa is often the most popular dipping sauce, followed by French onion and guacamole! So make sure you don’t forget to lay these out on that muffin tin!

Ever get home from a long day of work excited to have a steaming hot bath? There’s just one problem. Your bathtub is missing its bath plug. Don’t panic; I have a solution. Dip back into your party supplies, and you’ll be dipping into a nice hot bath in no time. You just need to get your hands on a balloon.

But stop! Don’t fill it up with oxygen! Instead, simply fill it up with water and tie a knot on the balloon! Oh, and resist that urge to throw it at someone! Now go put the water balloon in place of the bath plug. Make sure you fit it nicely and firm. You can check by turning on the tap to see if the water begins to fill. If it does, that means it’s time for you to finally enjoy that hot bath you wanted!

Now, would you like to make it the best bath ever? By having a beverage of your choice floating beside you throughout? Let me show you how! Go back outside to your car! Actually, put your clothes back on first. I promise you’ll be inside that bath soon! Grab your phone holder from inside the car.

Run back to your bathroom and stick it against the wall by the bathtub. Position it in a way that will fit the glass containing your drink! Make sure the holder’s secure, as I’m confident you don’t want to be bathing in spilled coca-cola! Now that you’ve ensured this, I’ll leave you to enjoy this much-delayed bath and move on to the next life hack!

Speaking of beverages, those cans of soda you’ve just bought get warm way too fast. Let me help you out. Quickly pop to a nearby store and buy some ice. Then, just find an empty cardboard box and a plastic bag!

Open up the box and then cover it with the plastic bag as if you’re going to use it as a trash can! Then, get your ice and pour the necessary amount inside the box. All of a sudden, you have a fully functioning drink cooler at your disposal! Go grab those cans of soda and put them inside it. Check back in a few minutes to find them nice and cold.

In the meantime, just enjoy the sun. Sometimes as you’re going for a walk, you’ll encounter surfaces such as muddy trails in forests that have the potential to ruin your shoes. Even if they’re walking shoes, you still want them to look good, right? Let me show you a trick to keep those sneakers of yours sparkling! Once more, all you need is a balloon. Blow the balloon up and keep the air hole clutched with your hand so as to keep it inflated.

Put the balloon on the ground, keep the air hole covered, and put your hand inside your shoe. You heard that right, hand, not foot. Then press down on the balloon with the shoe. This will cause the balloon to deflate, and once finished, it will be tightly wrapped around the bottom of your shoe. This will act as a perfect form of protection against any dirty surfaces you’ll be walking over on your travels. Now just do the same with your other shoe, and away you go!

When you get home, you’ll probably be so excited to get inside, kick your feet up and relax. This is why struggling through all of the keys on your keyring upon arriving is so annoying and tiresome. Don’t worry.

I’ve got an easy and satisfying fix that will make this process much more instant moving forward. All you need is some nail polish! Well, a couple of different colors. Designate a specific color for each key and get painting!

Then just let the paint dry off for a bit. When it’s done drying, you’ll have a new color-coded set of keys to your name. Convenient, isn’t it?


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