12 Comics That Show the Real Struggles of Modern Women

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2 years ago

Each modern woman has their own struggles when it comes to their family or job. Yet, there are some things that many of us can relate to and they would seem annoying if they weren’t so funny, like going to the shop to buy shoes but ending up with 3 sweaters instead.

We at Bright Side know that modern women are powerful, but we think there should still be a place for humor in their lives. Here you can find 12 comics about girls and their funny problems.

1. When you have to wear a strapless bra to show your beautiful back

2. When you decided you want to wear a dress today

3. When you bought a new red lipstick but figured out that it’s not as provocative as you thought

4. When you decided to make a nice dinner for yourself

5. When you chose XS instead of S hoping your diet worked

6. When it’s time for the most important beauty procedure

7. When you spend an hour trying to curl your hair

8. When you start doubting that all your beauty products actually work

9. When you bought a subscription to yoga classes and have to force yourself to go after work

10. When your photographer for official documents didn’t show you the pic before printing it

11. When your deodorant is magically visible on every item of clothing you own

12. When depression arrives and you need a change

What is the funny little struggle that you face often? What do you think about the life of modern women? Is it easier than before?

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This thing about not looking good inspite of using makeup is actually not that surprising... excess makeup causes problems like blocking pores and dryness etc., so the more makeup we use, the worse our natural look becomes. That's why most guys get a brilliant effect after simply washing their faces but many girls' faces don't look that fresh.


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