12 Everyday Things That Will Soon Disappear

10 months ago

Landlines disappeared, and so did videotapes. With neverending technological advancements, there are a lot of other things that will go out of fashion or become good for nothing in the near future.

Bright Side rounded up a few things that you can’t imagine your life without right now, but they might not be familiar to the next generation at all. This list might be surprising to you as it contains some of your favorite things.

12. Chocolate

We don’t mean to shock you, but let’s face the bitter truth. You might well have to say goodbye to your favorite chocolate one day. Considering the pace at which cocoa production is reducing, the time isn’t far off when chocolates may vanish entirely. Analysts believe that the ever-increasing gap between the demand and supply of chocolate will only increase in the future.

We told you this list was going to be surprising. Start stocking up! We hope that this pink and green dessert will make up for your favorite chocolate fantasy.

11. Gold

This might come as bad news for a lot of people out there. The yellow metal is slowly disappearing from Earth’s surface, and miners are pulling themselves out of this business. Investments in gold are falling, and the supply is expected to see a fall of 15-20% in the next few years.

It looks like people are losing interest in this precious gold metal. How about you?

10. Cash


Cash, and even credit cards and debit cards for that matter, may soon stop making any sense. Just as nobody thought 50 years back that cash would be replaced by cards, the next 50 years is going to see another transformation in transaction methods. Your smartphone and fingerprints will be enough to buy your favorite stuff. We wonder what you will keep in your wallet then?

9. Signatures

Signatures are soon to become a thing of the past. The latest advance in technology is biometrics such as iris, fingerprint, and voice recognition. There is no chance that anyone can produce false iris readings or fingerprints.

8. Remote Controls

How many remote controls do you have at home right now? There is a huge dependence on these rectangular creatures. In addition, they keep getting lost, and we end up searching for them.

However, with the Internet of Things (IoT) seeing regular advancements, the need for a remote is soon going to end. Voice commands and voice searches will be sufficient to change channels. Amazon Echo is a similar example that uses voice commands.

7. Traffic Jams

Doesn’t this sound like a dream? It will soon be a reality thanks to driverless cars. These cars are automatically driven and don’t make mistakes. Thus, with all cars driving safely, there should be no traffic jams existing on any roads. It is also expected that even car mirrors will not be required in these robotic cars. Some of the top car companies have already started manufacturing such mirrorless cars.

6. Fast-Food Workers

Taking orders, preparing meals, and serving guests are jobs that will be easily handled by bots soon. While touch screens will be installed for selecting items from the menu, your favorite meal will be assembled by the bots themselves. Delivery of food will be no big deal then.

You might expect an entertainer stationed in the restaurant just to make you feel a human presence!

5. Surgeons

Skilled professionals in the medical field will soon be looking for a job change. With artificial intelligence and robotic solutions gaining control, all major operations and surgeries may be undertaken by bots. Will you feel safer or more skeptical?

4. Diabetes

Diabetes may say goodbye to us in the future. Firstly, scientists are already looking for a clone of sugar which will look and taste just like sugar without its ill effects. And if that doesn’t suffice, people with diabetes will be able to implant a healthy islet of Langerhans cells into their pancreas to prevent diabetes.

3. Privacy

Wherever you are, wherever you go, with the advancement of the IoT, you will always be under watch. Your click habits and shopping patterns may soon be recorded, and it will not make any difference if you have logged out or go offline.

This may also be thought of as the end of privacy. Are we ready for it?

2. Locks and Keys

Locks and keys will become clichéd in the next 20-30 years. You may well have to take your children and grandchildren to museums to show them these ancient items. So who is going to take care of the safety of your belongings? Well, you will soon have key card readers to do the job. Some car companies have already introduced vehicles with push-button ignitions.

1. Chargers

Chargers that you just can’t afford to lose will soon become unnecessary. In the wireless world of Bluetooth, NFC, and Wi-Fi networking, all we might need will be a charging surface — without any cords, of course. You might think this has already been created by Tesla, but there’s more.

There is a chance that remote charging may soon become a reality, and you will be able to charge your phone from anywhere without any physical contact at all.

Life may seem much more comfortable with all these things around us. But once gone, you might think that you never needed them at all. What do you think will be the result of such drastic changes? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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I can't stand privacy going away . I'll be like " What the **** ?! ) cuz I like to do my private business at home. It's gonna be the worst years of my life because that's the complete opposite of what I would like in the future.


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